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Two new Deities

For those who don't already know, I follow a path I call Yahgahn. I created this path as a religion for my fictional planet of Traipah, and I fell in love with the planet, its people, and the Yahgahn religion.

Yahgahn is an unusual religion when compared to most Earth religions. It has no rules as such. Children are not expected to be "good little Yahgahns." The Yahgahn statements of faith are generally the basis of most Traipahni education, but these are fairly universal values; Yahgahn is a religion that evolved a lot like Unitarian Universalism. Its faith statements are not rigid rules, and have been known to be changed over time. The same flexibility exists in other aspects of Yahgahn, since one of the core beliefs of Yahgahn is that when science contradicts belief, belief must be changed.

One other area of unusual-ness for Yahgahn is the flexibility of its canon. The Yahgahn fables and scriptures are treated more like a long-running public domain story, kind of like how we Western humans treat fairy tales, but not quite. The stories keep changing over time, old versions are kept but new versions arise, new stories are added, old stories fall out of favor or are given makeovers, etc. etc. There are also similarities to the online fanfiction community, in that there are debates between different canons, fanons, and headcanons. Except that online fandom tends to be a lot more vehement than Yahgahns, since Traipah has been teaching their children a "live and let live" kind of mentality for thousands of years.

There are only 39 official, recognized Deities in Yahgahn. The list of these 39 is derived by which ones appeared in even the oldest versions of the Noiionayya, the main Yahgahn scripture. But since the Noiionayya mentions that there are at least thousands of other deities, this has always been used as proof to leave people of other religions alone. And because Yahgahn became the most popular religion on Traipah, other religions, via osmosis, also lost their rigidity and imperialism. Not that there was ever much of that to begin with on Traipah; monotheism never got very popular at any time on Traipah.

Anyway, so the real reason I started this post was because part of the flexibility of Yahgahn is the acceptance of new, non-canonical deities into a person's personal pantheon, whether borrowed from another religion or created out of thin air. It is for this reason and the other flexibilities of Yahgahn that there are a lot of people who count Yahgahn as just one of their religions.

But anyway, I came up with two new ones for my own personal use, which I will also include in the Traipah stories as popular non-canon Yahgahn Deities: Kwah'Gorrin, Deity of Technology in general. And Ayil'Kwahl'Ahgorah, Deity of Computers and Electronics. I got the idea from how Lilla has been using an Egyptian deity named Input for working with computers; it seems that since Input isn't well known anymore, She was kind of out of work. Attention is food for Deities, so poor Input must have been starving; no wonder She lets Lilla work with Her on stuff beyond Her original function.

But as for me, I never had much luck with Input. I get far more help from Shao'Kehn with computers, but that's mostly protecting them. She doesn't do much else with them. So I came up with Ayil'Kwahl'Ahgorah, whose name is derived from the Trai'Pahg'Nan'Nog word for electronics. (Basically the TPNN word for "electricity" translates into "flowing lightning" or "lightning which flows like water." The word for "technology" translates into "art of the tool." And the word for "electronics" translates into "art of the tool, used to bend [or harness] lightning.")

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