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Planned Samhain ritual

This Samhain,* when I get back from the Scrabble meetup, I intend to do my first ever Samhain ritual. I don't know why I never bothered doing anything for Samhain before, but I am now. A friend of mine from the pagan meetup died recently. Janine Davidge... she took me to the zoo once, it was my first time and, so far, only time. Something about that loss made me decide to do something for Samhain this year. That, and I had picked up these "Hell Bank notes" many months ago without knowing what they were (just thinking they were play money), and when I found out they're burned on one of the Chinese holidays (Chinese New Year, I think?) as a way of sending money to the dead.

Then, earlier today I got some more good ideas concerning it. First, I thought of David Legatt, a friend of mine from years and years ago who died. I don't have any idea what he looked like, as it was an Internet friendship and I never saw a picture of him ever, but he was a fellow Discordian and so I thought he would appreciate it if I sent him something more unusual than a regular Hell Bank note. At first I was going to print out some Cthulhu money to send him, but I couldn't find the picture. While I was looking, I spotted some old "Fayscript" Discordian money I'd made once. After printing out colored versions to make into bookmarks, I printed out black and white, one-sided versions to burn for David Legatt. (Why waste color ink on something I'll be burning, after all?) They're currently sitting on the altar, "charging."

After that, I then had the idea that, since I was doing this stuff for Janine and David, I might as well do it for some deceased family members of mine. So I set aside some Hell Bank notes for Aunt Jayne, Grandma Cripe Turnbull, and Grandma Arts (even though I only met Grandma Arts once, when I was too young to remember her, and all I remember is what she looked like from a photo). The ones I set aside for them are also charging on the altar. One apiece for everyone, except I've got the two Fayscript bills for David. But hey, the Hell Bank notes are for $1000, and the maximum value of the two Fayscript notes combined is $25. (Fayscript money has one value on Mon-Fri, and a higher value on weekends.) The value to David will be in the amusement factor; he'd they they were funny, I know he would.

I don't have any words or other plans for the Samhain ritual yet. I don't know yet whether or not I want to wing it, or plan it out.

The main problem will be the smoke detector. It wigs out just from the candle smoke at times; paper smoke will doubtless trigger it. I may have to see about an outdoor ritual, somehow.

* = Said like "saw-when," for those not in the know. Why? Because Gaelic is weird.

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