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This was written Wednesday.

To me, time is a bizarre and ever-shifting place. I have a hard time keeping track of time, and rely heavily on my cell phone for that purpose. Days go by in lurches and jumps, minutes feel like hours at times. Months between two events can pass and feel like a few days. I could go on in detail, but I won't.

I will say, though, that the Scrabble meetup stuff illustrates it a little. So a year or so ago, I signed up for a Meetup page about Scrabble meetups. I went to one at this New Season's Market shortly after doing so. The place provided the Scrabble sets... but I was the only person who showed up. So I kind of ignored the Scrabble meetup stuff for a long damn time.

Then, a couple months ago or more, back before I got my new cell phone from Assurance, I was going to an ageplay munch one day, a second attempt since the first attempt a year before had given me a migraine. I was waiting for the bus line 12, when an older woman (50s, 60s?) sat down. Somehow, we got to talking, and it turned out she was going to a Scrabble meetup at 40th and Sandy. I was excited about this, because she said there was usually at least 4 people there, and it was a hell of a lot easier to get to than the New Seasons Market one. I made a note in my phone about it.

I forgot about it until a few days ago, when an email from the Scrabble meetup reminded me of it. So I checked out the site, looking for the one the older woman had mentioned, and found it. RSVP'd.

Went today, and recognized the older woman. Her name is Molly, making her the only adult Molly I've ever met in person, and only the second adult Molly I've ever met at all. (I know only one online.) So her name will be easy to remember. :-)

The meetup was awesome. I don't remember how many people there were, but there were either three or four boards, and 2 people to each board except there were 3 people to the last one. We first played whoever was across the table from us, so I played Molly first. Then for the next game, they picked who would play each other by winners of the first game being paired off, and losers of the first game paired off. It was, as I mentioned, uneven, so even though Molly won the game she and I had played, we played again only this time there was a third player, an elderly Asian gentleman whose name I have forgotten simply because I am horrendous at remembering names.

All told, we played for two hours. It was quite fun. I lost both games (the older lady, Molly, won both games), and I was in third place on the second game, but it was fun and that's what's important.

I hope the pagan meetup next week is Tuesday, so I can go back to the Scrabble meetup on Wednesday. The Scrabble meetup is, apparently, every Wednesday.

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