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I cast a sphere!

As y'all may know, my spiritual path, Yahgahn, has its own elements and directions. Western elements/direction are limited to North - Earth, South - Fire, West - Water and East - Air. My own system is North - Air, South - Light, West - Water, East - Metal, Above - Fire, Below - Earth, Within - Consciousness, Without - Void. This set of directions and elements, I've realized, is more advanced than the typical elements/directions. I figured this out thanks to "Cosmic Trigger" by Robert Anton Wilson - I imagine that Wilson would say that the normal four elements and directions are limited to the first four "terrestrial" circuits of consciousness, and that my set of nine is grounded in an understanding of the OTHER four circuits of consciousness, the "extraterrestrial," "future evolution" circuits. (More here at this link.)

This is an incredible thought, really, and kind of goes along with the pattern of my life, of doing things before knowing others had done them, of things I've done being deeper in meaning than I had realized or intended. Like how Shao'Kehn being "She who Multiplied Herself" made me realize I'm a multiple, or how the Ah'Koi Bahnis have acted like people with Asperger's long before I knew I was one, and stuff like that.

Well, the other day, I actually used the nine Yahgahn elements and directions in ritual for the first time ever. It was awesome! Instead of casting a circle, as most pagans would do, I cast a SPHERE. I don't know what made me do it, either. I almost never cast a circle. I never really liked to. But somehow, the idea of casting a sphere came into my head, and I did it, and I love it! I hope to do it again.

LOL, Lilla mentioned casting a square once. Sounds like something a Discordian would do. I might try casting an oblong sometime. :-D

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