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I was waiting for the bus today, and got suddenly an image of Kriioh, the Yahgahn Goddess of Coolness and Coldness. She'd been mentioned in the Noiionayya, but not described. So here is what She looked like in the image that came to my mind:

Tall, with skin such a pale blue that it looks almost white, with thin, pale blue stripes like I saw in a picture of an arctic iceberg, once. Long, snow-white hair with streaks of various shades of blue, again like an iceberg. Her eyes (which, like all Ah'Koi Bahnis eyes, have black sclera1, and no visible pupil) are white with what looks like hairline cracks, like you sometimes see in ice. She goes about nude, and has pale blue fingernails and toenails as well.

Kriioh, like all Yahgahn deities, is neither good nor evil.

1 = Sclera: In humans, the whites of the eyes. In AKB, they are black.

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