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A bit of a chicken/egg question

Not long ago, Alex made a post quite uncharacteristic of himself, over in his LJ/DW. He talked about how he was tired of always feeling like he had to be "the angry one," and how he felt like he has to keep maintaining this facade in order to keep himself active and distinct. (In his mood at the time, quite forgetting all the times he remains distinct even when happy or sad.) He was quite genuinely worried, or else he wouldn't have written it to begin with, and surely would not have posted it if the worry had not been genuine.

Well, Pi at least must have heard him, and listened. Pi has been more active since then. He's written two new poems since then, we went out on a walk one night, and the summer weather has been bringing him out more, in the form of hisses and other discomfited noises whenever bright sunlight gets in our eyes or the temperature gets too high.

Which of course made me wonder, today, a sort of chicken/egg question: Which came first, the body's discomfort at bright sunlight and heat, or Pi? Did Pi form, at least in part, because of the body's preferences, or the other way around?

Of course, looking back on it, unless some kind of proto-Pi always existed, I think the body always had those preferences, because of it being a ginger. Easily sunburned, always had sensitive eyes, etc. Though I do remember going outside a lot more as a child. I remember being able to tolerate it better even in my teens. Like I've been slowly losing what little tolerance I had for heat and sunshine ever since Pi.

And I can't deny, there is a difference between Pi's preferences and the body's tolerances. It's kind of weird in here, actually. Pi likes the darkness, even has trouble with artificial lights sometimes. (Whereas the body only has trouble with artificial lights if its having a migraine.) Pi actually LIKES Portland winters, and the constant grey light of them. Whereas Alex merely tolerates pretty much any and all weather. (Seriously, Alex's comfort zone is so narrow it only occurs in nature once every three years, I swear.) And then Molly hates grey skies, prefers the skies to be either pure white with fluffy clouds, or bright blue, or both. She can't stand the heat or direct sunlight much better than the rest of us, but doesn't mind bright yet indirect sunlight, so long as it's cool and/or breezy outside.

That reminds me of other in-system differences. The body experiences greater physical strength when directed by Pi, Negarahn, or Alex, than for any of the others. Alex and Lo share a lot of music in common, but some things Lo loves drive Alex up the wall. Most of us hate country-western "music," except for Molly, who LOVES it. (Of course, she also loves "earworm" songs, and sings them over and over and over again until the rest of us go completely mad.) Most of us prefer dark colors; favorite colors range from black to dark blue or dark green, and other dark shades. Whereas Molly's favorite colors are shocking pink and bright yellow; she also has a fondness for the "neon" shades. True to her status as the inner child, Molly LOOOOVES bright colors.

~ ~ ~

*Sigh* Because of becoming recently aware of my issues with psychic noise, I was thinking of going to this free psychic self defense lecture tomorrow. But the damn thing is tomorrow and they don't even have a location for it yet! I'll hopefully check it from the library tomorrow in time to go, and hopefully it will be somewhere I can get to and get back from without too much trouble. We shall see.

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