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Annoying bit of HP5

Reading chapter 32 of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix is so frustrating, because Harry has let his emotions take so much control of him that he's in a full panic, not thinking rationally, and it's affecting how Ron and Hermione talk as well, making them word things in unhelpful ways. I keep imagining someone like one of my Zatorshnok being there and saying to Harry,
"Please calm down. You are panicking, which shuts down your rational brain, and panic is a good way to end up in a lot worse trouble.

"Now, in your blind panic you have forgotten two things: 1. That Voldemort knows about the connection between you two, and could be sending you a false vision to lure you into a trap. And 2. There is one other member of the Order of the Phoenix still in the castle: Severus Snape.

"Now see? Looking at things calmly and rationally is better. Who knows what kind of trouble you could have blundered into if you'd let your panic rule you."

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