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Quote of the day

“I live close to the Canuckistan/Merkan border. People I know make the dangerous trip across the 49th Parallel to do things in the states (usually for a quick visit). They have told me stories about the events on the other side of the horrible 49th Parallel. First off… Merkans do not actually have food in their country. They have this weird terrible tasting corn based fat mixture they try to pass as food.

Second… you have like five thousand different police authorities… Canada we have like CSIS, RCMP, city police, peace officers and transit police… also the Military Police… but you only can get in trouble with them under special circumstances. The USA has Highway Patrol, FBI, CIA, NCIS, Coast Guard, FDA, City Police, Transit Police, State Police, Military Police… and oh gawd so many jurisdictions. It is no wonder it is so lawless down there. Up here, you like make a moose angry, and you only have one group pissed at you. In the states you’d instantly have a five way collision of police forces after you.

Third: internet starts to really really suck.”
— Katrina Payne

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