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Lyria and hair

Something [personal profile] ysabetwordsmith posted ages ago, I finally got around to reading. It was about writing about characters of color. One of the parts of it mentioned ethnic hairstyles like bantu knots and zulu knots, so today I looked those up on Google Images so I could see what they look like. I also looked up some other ethnic hairstyles, like Afro puffs, jheri curls, and "twists." I find myself most awed by Long Senegalese Twists:

I was looking up all these styles because my sorceress character Lyria Spellspinner is black, as are some of her staff and family (I say it this way, because she has a diverse staff, and some of her family members aren't even human). There is also an entire continent (at least one, if not more) in that world which is like Africa in many ways, which is where Lyria came from. I was looking up hairstyles mainly for characters other than Lyria, because I thought I had her hair style worked out already. But when I saw the Long Senegalese Twists, I felt that feeling I get sometimes of Lyria being like "MUST HAVE!!!" So looks like I'm going to have to change her hairstyle. :-)

If anyone knows of any other ethnic hairstyles for black persons, please let me know.

This reminds me... I might change Lyria's name a little. Add a middle name or make "Spellspinner" a middle name, give her a name that reminds people of her ethnicity. Just begun to think the way, so it will take a while to decide if I'm even going to do it, or what it would change to if I did.

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