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Fun dream

Had a weird dream, but a fun dream, last night. I dreamed that the Narns had taken over Centauri Prime, and captured all the Centauri responsible for the attack on the Narn homeworld and the enslavement of the Narns. They were going to execute the prisoners by throwing them into lava (which looked more like melted Velveeta cheese), but G'Kar convinced them to not do that. Instead, he said the prisoners should have a chance to fight for their freedom in a fight to the death. "And just to make it a fair fight, each Centauri will fight ten Narns at once."

Londo Mulari was there, too, representing the Centauri Provisional Government. :-D

It's not really weird, except that I haven't seen Babylon 5 in a few days. The spin-off "Crusade" series, yes, but G'Kar and Londo are not in there.

Now you want weird, I keep having dreams where I'm naked in public. Which wouldn't be so bad if they were like the ones I used to have where, if I noticed it at all, I just shrugged and went on. But the last few months, I've been having dreams where I was naked and trying to cover up... not out of embarassment, but either because it was too cold, or because I thought I ought to be polite.

Last night's dream started with me waiting for the bus, stark naked. Then at some point, it changed and I was at Grandma's house. There was a bunch of visitors there. I was naked the whole time, but that time I didn't seem to mind.

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