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Basic sophont responsibilities

As a human being, you are a sophont. Basic sophont responsibilities include:

1. Helping others when and how you can; preferably with permission, but in cases of emergencies permission is not necessary.

2. Respecting the personal boundaries of your fellow sophont.

3. Contributing to society when and how you are able to. However, if there are more people than jobs, it should not be expected of everyone to have employment. Follow your bliss, find your own purpose. Though it is understood by anyone of sufficient intelligence that this really should not need to be said, since most sophonts crave purpose and will not be satisfied until they have found one.

4. Respecting the property and creative output of other sophonts by not stealing, destroying, or vandalizing that property and/or output.

5. Respecting the life and health of your fellow sophont, by not committing assault (either mental, physical, or sexual) on them, and by providing or retrieving medical assistance when necessary.

6. Respecting the right of your fellow sophont to be different, and remembering that those differences of thought, dress, gender, sexuality, or other things, are no excuse for discompassionate behavior.

7. Remembering that there is no excuse, save defending yourself and others from physical harm, for discompassionate behavior.

8. You are a sophont, not a mere animal. As a sophont, the least you can do is act with as much love and compassion as animals have demonstrated, and preferably more. Animals do not act out of hatred, and do not kill or destroy out of malice. To act in hateful, destructive, and malicious ways is to be less than an animal. Use your mind, access your soul, and rise to the greatness you are capable of as a sophont.

9. Respect the autonomy and integrity of the bodies of your fellow sophonts. It is the most fundamental right for people of all ages to do with their own body as they please, and to refuse to have things done to their body without their permission even after they have died. Any form of violation of this right is an affront. Not permitting anyone who has achieved the ability to reason to do with their body as they will, counts as a violation of their bodily autonomy as well. Their choices in regard to their own body are theirs to make, and it is not your place to question those choices, nor to interfere.

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(Same thing, but on LiveJournal)

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