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Just saw "Hugo" for the first time, thanks to a code for a free movie from Redbox, for my birthday. Beautiful film, just wonderful. I think everyone should watch it.

What made me decide to write this entry about it, though, is based on a bit of a spoiler. Feel free to look away now if you want.

Okay, so there's this scene in the movie where they're talking about how this one man, one of the first movie makers of history, made over 500 films. It went on to say that, because of "the war" (probably WW1), people lost interest in his fantastic films (he was supposedly the guy who did the famous "rocket in the eye of the man in the moon" movie), and he became so destitute that he sold all his films to a company that melted them down for chemicals that ended up in "trivialities" like high heeled shoes.

When I saw that, the Ah'Koi Bahnis in me began to almost hyperventilate with rage and sorrow. It was an absolute blasphemy! The thought of something like that really happening - and it probably has - was just too much. To me, all works of art and writing are sacred. Purposeful destruction of such works is blasphemy. The more beautiful and rare the piece, the more intense the pain and rage at its destruction.

You know, this makes me think it would be a good idea to write a story wherein some nutball religious types go to Traipah and start burning books in public, and are - as a result - mobbed by Ah'Koi Bahnis insane with rage. Maybe even some Duenicallo join in the fray, and the nutballs end up either dead or seriously injured. I think I prefer seriously injured. That way, I can have the Traipahni law enforcement arrest the nutballs for willful destruction of written materials, and public blasphemy. Then they'd be sent to a prison colony on an asteroid in the Traipahni solar system as their punishment.

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