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Duck eggs

The other day, on a whim, I bought five duck eggs from the Asian market. I was a little wary, but curious. So tonight, I finally cooked a few of them and tried them. I must say, I am impressed. While they don't taste any different from chicken eggs, they have several things in their favor:

1. They are the same size as jumbo chicken eggs, possibly a teensy bit larger.

2. When I cracked them open, two out of the three I opened were almost entirely yolk. Well, not really. But the yolks were at least twice the size of average chicken egg yolks, from jumbo sized chicken eggs.

3. The yolks are much harder to break. I actually poked one with a fork three times while it was cooking, and it stayed intact even after cooking, to the point where I had to tear that one with my fingers to open up the yummy yellow goo inside. The others were not quite so tough, and I did accidentally break open the last one, but even so, the yolk was slightly thicker to the point where, despite being broken open, at least half the yolk remained gooey. But since I normally always break the first and/or second chicken egg just opening it, the fact that the yolks are tougher is a plus to me.

4. With the duck eggs, their shells were slightly harder to crack open, but not by too much. Then, too, maybe I was just being too careful.

Now, the duck egg yolks I've seen so far varied in color from normal yellow to a dark, brownish yellow, but they all tasted the same. About the only taste difference I could tell was that the yolks seemed... less salty? I don't know. It could have been my imagination. Also, it seemed to me that the whites tasted better than chicken egg whites.

My experience with duck eggs so far has been contained to fried eggs, over medium. I ate them around 11 PM. It is now 3 AM, and so far no food poisoning. So I would call this a success. In fact, I think I may be getting duck eggs from now on. I'll have to take my own box next time, since they come in these flats that don't really lend themselves well to transport, but it's a small price to pay for bigger yolks that don't break as easily.

Now I shall have to look into any nutritional differences between duck eggs and chicken eggs.

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