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Alternatives to swearing

We don't use real curse words much anymore. Alexander has to be in a real rage to slip to using those anymore, except at home. Instead, we use alternative words we've chosen at random, and others we made up.

* Instead of saying shit, we say [shy-say] (a German word, means the same thing], or sometimes [kindershysay], meaning baby shit. I don't know how to spell it.

* Instead of "idiot" or "moron" or similar terms, we generally say, "viihiil dwahtaim!" [vee-heel dwah-tame]. It is a TPNN word, means "stupid human!" Can also be used against humanity in general, as dawhtaim is an implied (but not spoken) plural.

* Another way of saying "dumbass" is "dumas" [doom-aas]. As in Alexander Dumas. But this one is kind of transparent, so we only think it.

* Farphegnuten [far-feg-newton] is a replacement for certain other F words and is an all purpose word molly_elizabeth came up with. This is my current favorite!

* Dinkumwadel [dink-um-waddle], another Molly word, means "A person with little or no sense."

* Dwerklenunk is another all-purpose Molly word, but as she just coined it yesterday we haven't used it much yet. We've been using Dinkumwadel for 6 months now, and Farphegnuten for a couple weeks.

* baRRaht means "unclean meat," and is a Dvencoilii [ven-coy-lee] word. Dvencoilii is the language of Negarahn and other Duenicallo [doo-en-ih-ky-yoh].

* Bahrain is an all-purpose swear word. Funny thing: Bahrain is a country in the middle east. I think we got started using this word months ago from being lazy and not wanting to say baRRaht.

* EDIT: I can't believe I forgot Sahn-Ahmahkt! It's TPNN, but we're not sure yet what it means. Except that "sahn" means "great" or "big".

You have any others?

P.S. = I started Netflix today! I am amazed at the selection! I can even rent series!!! (Adds all the Star Treks except for the original series, Stargate: SG1, Fullmetal Alchemist, and the new Dr. Who to the queue.)
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