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Several poems

The first two poems are based on the nine elements and directions of Yahgahn.

“Heil to the Elements”1
By = Fayanora Ahnabahn Tahlahmorgk

Heil Shao'Kehn, Goddess of Chaos, Guardian of the East and elemental Metal; Her Knife protects us from harm! Heil!
Heil Yinianata, Goddess of Tame Fire, Guardian of the South and elemental Light; Her flames fuel civilization! Heil!
Heil Ahndahn, Goddess of Order, Guardian of the West and elemental Water! Her Waters quench all thirsts! Heil!
Heil Kriioh, Goddess of The Cold, Guardian of the North and elemental Air; Her chill winds sooth a heated world! Heil!
Heil Morphwaan, Goddess of Wild Fire, Guardian of Above and elemental Fire; Her light, the plasma fire of the sun, is our life blood! Heil!
Heil Kusunia, Goddess of Stone and Soil, Guardian of Below and elemental Earth; She is solidity and strength, the bones of creation! Heil!
Heil Nahtahdjaiz, Child Goddess of Children, Guardian of Within and elemental Consciousness; the child within us all is the fuel of consciousness and the soul of magick! Heil!
Heil Morshenda, Goddess of Darkness, Guardian of Without and elemental Void; within the darkness is quiet and solace and dreams! Heil!
Heil Kohraindehr, Deity of The All, Guardian of All Directions and elemental Spirit; all living beings are Gods and siblings within Her! Heil!
      Sahn-kia, kohrain da-pahtuuah! Koh Soh La Kohrain!2

“The Nine Elements”
By = Fayanora Ahnabahn Tahlahmorgk

Air in the North, cold and stark,
Light in the South, banishing dark.
Metal at East, hard and strong,
Water at West, waves roll along.
Fire Above, making things grow,
And Earth, of course, is down Below.
Go Within, there's Consciousness/Thought,
And out Without is Void, which is naught.
Spirit's the element of Existence's soul,
For it is The All, it is The Whole.
And so, by these elements numbering nine,
Comes all of space and all of time.

“Thiio Shaokehnzah”
By = Fayanora Ahnabahn Tahlahmorgk
(AKA Tristan A. Arts)

Thiio Shaokehnzah, Thiio Hailahl,
Thiio Zahvahshah, la Vahzii seh Ahl.
Thiio Shaokehnzah, Thiio Morfahr,
Thiio Kiinmaak, veh Thiio Yinarr.

Thiio Shaokehnzah, Thiio Ny'ky'yah,
Thiio Ahnai flo Thiiah Taykwiiah.
Thiio Shaokehnzah, Thiio bain Sahn,
Thiio Pahtwai'ah, veh ehk Ahnabahn.3

Thiio Shaokehnzah, Thiio Hailahl,
Thiio Zahvahshah, la Vahzii seh Ahl.
Thiio Tay'kay'yah, veh Ahnai thiin bain,
Thiio Shaokehnzah, Thiio Djao'Kain.4


I am Chaos, I am Freedom,
I am Power, the Many and One.
I am Chaos, I am Fire,
I am Thought-ness, and I am Light.

I am Chaos, I am Life,
I am Holy in My Splendor.
I am Chaos, I am Great,
I am Divine, and a Priestess.

I am Chaos, I am Freedom,
I am Power, the Many and One.
I am Gorgeous, and Holy I am,
I am Chaos, I am Djao'Kain.

1 = Yes, this is "Heil" in German. So it rhymes with "pile."
2 = "Sahn-kia, kohrain da-pahtuuah! Koh Soh La Kohrain!" means "Many-thanks, all deities! You Are The All!"
3 = “Ahnabahn” actually means “sacredperson,” referring to clergy of unspecified gender, since theAh'Koi Bahnis have only one sex.
4 = “Djao'Kain” is another name for the Goddess Shao'Kehn.

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