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The Nine Elements and directions

Yahgahn spiritual (symbolic, elemental) elements, directional correspondences, and primary Deity correspondences (in parentheses):

1. Metal = East (Shao'Kehn)
2. Water = West (Ahndahn)
3. Light = South (Yinianata)
4. Air = North (Kriioh)
5. Fire = Above (Morphwaan)
6. Earth = Below (Kusunia)
7. Consciousness = Within (Nahtahdjaiz)
8. Void = Without1 (Morshenda)
9. Spirit = Kohraindehr2 (Kohraindehr)

1 = "Without" means, in this case, "outside the planet's atmosphere." But can also mean "outside any known area" such as outside the universe, or outside our understanding.

2 = "Kohraindehr" is The All, and so is everywhere and nowhere, even in the void. Thus, is is all directions and none. Directions are Relative, Kohraindehr is Absolute. Kohraindehr is both a Goddess and a direction in that regard, if you can consider "all and no directions" to be a direction.

Keep in mind, Traipah is staight up and down on its axis, and experiences very little in the way of seasonal climate shifts because of it. Also keep in mind that the Yahgahn spiritual elements come from Tahl'Bahn, the continent where the AKB and the Shaokennah evolved, and the first continent the Duenicallo stepped foot on, aside from their native continent of Ah'Bahss.

Air is north because Kriioh, who cools the air, is presumed to live North due to the northern polar continent of Kohrihn. Fire is Above because the planet's greatest source of fire is the sun Above. Earth is Below because Below is where our feet are, even when we are beneath the surface. Metal is East because the ships of the Duenicallo came originally from that direction (in Tahl'Bahn), and at the beginning, there was a great war between the AKB and Duenicallo. Light is South because there is more light in the south than in the north. Water is West because the sun sets on an ocean to the west, at least in Tahl'Bahn. The rest should be self-explanitory.

Some directional associations are different for people in the souther hemisphere. (South is Air and North is Light, in southern hemisphere.)

The Nine Elements are represented by the eight-pointed Kohraindehr star. The circle in the middle of the Kohraindehr star represents the ninth element of Spirit.

NOTE!!! It is important to note that since Traipah uses base 6 math, and the above numbers are in base ten, that "The Nine Elements" and the "nine pointed star of Kohraindehr" are, in base 6, denoted as "The Thirteen Elements" and the "thirteen pointed star of Kohraindehr" because 9 in base 10 is 13 in base 6. Hence, here is the base 6 list of the elements:

1. Metal = East (Shao'Kehn)
2. Water = West (Ahndahn)
3. Light = South (Yinianata)
4. Air = North (Kriioh)
5. Fire = Above (Morphwaan)
10. Earth = Below (Kusunia)
11. Consciousness = Within (Nahtahdjaiz)
12. Void = Without (Morshenda)
13. Spirit = Kohraindehr (Kohraindehr)

The Star of Kohraindehr is also a 2-dimensional representation of a 3-dimensional concept. Observe:

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