The Djao'Mor'Terra Collective (fayanora) wrote,
The Djao'Mor'Terra Collective

"I am Chaos, I am Freedom."

Wrote this last night:

“Declaration of Shao'Mort”

I am Chaos, I am Freedom.

I think for myself,
No matter what others may say or think of my ideas.
I leave no sacred cow un-devoured;
I leave no taboos un-drunk.

I am Chaos, I am Freedom.
I question all memes, ideas, and notions.
I take nothing at face value.
When one speaks of another,
I make my own decisions about them.

I am Chaos, I am Freedom.
There is no Good or Evil,
Only value judgments.
I reject the value judgments of others,
For I can come to my own decisions.

I am Chaos, I am Freedom.
I reject morality and all it stands for;
I have my own sense of ethics.
Morality is the crutch of the feeble-minded,
The shit that comes out the back end of holy cows.

I am Chaos, I am Freedom.
Morality is a pleasant lie others tell one another
To excuse unethical and dis-compassionate behavior.
There is no evil in thoughts and ideas,
There is only evil is in actions.

I am Chaos, I am Freedom.
I reject beliefs utterly;
Belief is a trap that shrinks and limits the mind and soul.
Dogma is the death of the intellect,
And a person without an intellect is a meat puppet.

I am Chaos, I am Freedom.
I shine the light of consciousness
On every dark corner of my mind and soul,
Exposing all within so I may choose what to keep,
And what must be discarded.

I am Chaos, I am Freedom.
I deny all shackles, and destroy all chains.
I shall not be bound by any thought, word, or deed of any person.
I am freedom incarnate, and I am strong.
I cannot be defeated, even in death.
And I would not have it any other way.

Heil Chaos! Heil Shao'Kehn!

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