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Mother's Day

I wrote a poem for my mom yesterday, for Mother's Day. I wrote it in Trai'Pahg'Nan'Nog, and thus it only rhymes in TPNN. Took a lot more time than sending an e-card would have, so I hope she appreciates it. (Especially with the translation I supplied.)

About the second or third stanza into it, it began to remind me of Shao'Kehn. So I decided to dedicate it to my two mothers: my earthly mother, and my Divine Dark Mother. Now, here it is:

Sahn-kia, Lahsahn, sohlohr-bahn ny'ky'yah,
Sahn-kia, Lahsahn, koh bain vahs tay'kay'yah;
Sahn-kia, Lahsahn, kriiah taekah moi’hantiil,
Fii'ah'rah seh vwon farroh taekah, djohk hostiil.

Sahn-kia, Lahsahn, foht kriiah bey'HKorryl,
Veh taekah, kai'ahl hrainu thiiah zirrovahgyl;
Foht fii-sehk thiiah Lahsahn, thiin fii-bain shihbahn,
Veh ihl thiin sahn-kia thiiah sahn Lahsahn.

Sahn-kia, Lahsahn, veh la pahtohlihk hkort grehnoh,
Behbdohn, grehn ku'slar grehj ny'ky'yah meh'tlii'soh;
Jokiij hostiil ehm hantiil, yai grehn korrora moiulain...
Sahn-kia, Lahsahn, veh Koh Soh La Kohrain!

Notes: 1. Words in parentheses are implied by context.
2. In all my prayers, I include "Sahn-kia, Koh Soh La Kohrain" at the end.

Many-thanks, Mother, giver of life,
Many-thanks, Mother, you are very beautiful;
Many-thanks, Mother, your love complete,
Needing nothing of me but love, since (the) beginning.

Many-thanks, Mother, for your patience,
And love, which shape(s) my spirituality;
For without my Mother, I (would) not-be (my) self,
And so I thank my great Mother.

Many-thanks, Mother, and the divine (that) we are,
Together, we write our life story;
From beginning to end, may we forever create...
Many-thanks, Mother, and You Are The All!

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