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Briefly had more 'spoons' than usual.

Date written: 04/19/2012

I wonder if it's the coming of Spring doing it, but I've had more 'spoons' than usual lately. I already posted the other day about doing laundry and taking out recyclables. Today I started out doing dishes, which had gotten to "icky rotten stuff in the sink making a stink" level, and it always pisses me off when I let it get that bad. Did most of the dishes, I'm currently soaking the rest.

That would have been everything, except I cleaned off the stove and the two counters, first putting some boiling water on the worst of it to loosen it. When I was done with that, I swept the kitchen floor and then mopped it with the Swiffer Wet. Didn't do a spectacular job, since I was fading fast by that point, but I did an okay job.

And that wasn't all. Hours before doing the dishes, I'd gone to the food pantry. Aside from the eggs, frozen steak, and asparagus, it was a disappointing haul this month. Got a can of tuna instead of a can of chicken, which sucks because despite the fact I like tuna, seafood has no staying power with me. Everything I eat, except for poultry, pork, and beef, goes through me like the old stereotype of Chinese food: hungry half an hour later. That includes seafood and even eggs.

Also got more white rice (like I needed more of that), pork and beans (ick!), more of those dry white beans (why not pinto or black?). Did get some fruit, but neither of the veggies I got really work with slow-cooked beef. I was hoping for a bag of celery or carrots, got asparagus and lettuce instead. I don't know what I'm going to put in with the roast, aside from the lone remaining onion, but I was so sure I'd get celery or something else useful that the roast is already defrosted.

There was also kidney beans, but maybe I can put those in a chili. I just hope, if I do chili again, that I don't overdo it with the spices like I did last time. It was so hot, last time, that I almost couldn't eat it. Could only have one bowl of it at a sitting, it was so damned spicy.

They also gave me a fuckton of spaghetti sauce, and even more spaghetti, like I needed more of that. I guess I'll have to eat some spaghetti soon. Maybe I'll cook some up tonight and put sauce on it in the morning.

Okay, roast problem solved. Put a can of tomatos in with the onion and the meat, added some spices (including garlic). Beef for breakfast tomorrow!

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