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Shao-Kehn's expanding list of powers.

Finished writing "To Teach and To Learn," just waiting for Prince Mu-Chao to load it to the site. The story has added something else to Shao-Kehn's list of powers/associations. I guess it was inevitable considering that one of Her Aspects is similar in some respects to Kohraindehr, and there was evidence of it over the years in Her ability to create astounding synchronicities, but still, it was an interesting turn when a black scrying mirror showed up in "To Teach and To Learn." With it, Shao'Kehn can see into possible futures. Though with that one Kohraindehr-like Aspect (the one named Shao'Rain), She might not really need the scrying mirror. *Ponders* Unless Shao'Kehn needs an intermediary between Her and Shao'Rain. Direct input from Shao'Rain might be too much for Shao'Kehn. Merits further exploration.

Oh yeah, and Shao'Driiah, AKA The Dark Maiden, is also in "To Teach and To Learn." Here is the entry about Shao'Driiah:

Shao'Driiah AKA The Dark Maiden – The dark, edgy, Goth version of Shao'Liiah. Also an adolescent, Shao'Driiah wears Her hair short and spiky, and has as many arms and legs at a time as She desires. She, too, dances through the world delighting in things; She delights in the dead, the dying, the grotesque, and the disgusting. She hunts meat, drinks blood, and also eats carrion. She also eats plants and berries that are normally poison, for whatever does not kill Her only enhances Her strength. She wears a bracelet of thorns, a bracelet of Creation Onyx, an anklet of maggots, and an anklet of dolosh-dolaat berries (which are poisonous). Upon Her head rests a laurel made of poisonous voong flowers. Her bite is poisonous, and She can have poison claws.

Oh, and Shao'Liiah and Shao'Shyo just showed up, as well. Here are those entries:

Shyao'Shyo AKA The Crone – This Aspect of Shao'Kehn has grey hair, wrinkles, and walks with a cane fashioned from Creation Onyx, in the shape of a bone. She is old and wise, and represents age and the wisdom that comes with it. She is also associated with a lot of symbols relating to death and dying.
Update from "To Teach and To Learn" = Apparently Shao'Shyo is blind and practically deaf. Shao'Shyo also uses Spwiiohk, the Demon of Entropy, as a seeing-eye demon. He's actually quite nice, and Nahtahdjaiz treats him a bit like a strange-looking but friendly dog. This actually goes in with the Yahgahn notion of demons as being not inherently good or evil; like people, they vary.

Shao'Liiah – Represents all the changes and issues of changing from a child into an adult. (So She is an adolescent.) Also represents fertility. Like a younger version of Shao'Kord in terms of personality. Shao'Liiah is a youth; if human, you'd say She looked about 15 or 16. She runs through the world, delighted by everything, but especially with life, light, and “good” things. While amber-eyed, amber-skinned, and black-haired like most Shao'Kehn Aspects, Shao-Liiah's hair is long, loose, and light; She wears a morph'ohnii flower in Her hair, a bracelet of Creation Onyx, a bracelet of Flame Stone (everlasting fire in the form of rock), an anklet of morph'ohnii flowers, and an anklet made of smoke. She eats nothing but ripe fruits and grains, and drinks only water.

It's come to my attention, also, that there are three different bloodlines of deities in the Noiionayya: Those deities descended from Moiulainas Taybahliss (MT), the deities that are descended from Creation Onyx (Morshenda, Morshauna, and Morshiinin), and then Shao'Kehn is made of Chaos Fire, which comes from a different realm from "Creation." IE, an alternate set of universes, where the laws of physics are different. And then there's Nwoikis, who is a cross between the MT bloodline and Shao'Kehn, seeing as She's Ahndahn and Shao-Kehn's biological child. And Zirrovahn is a mix between the MT bloodline and the Creation Onyx bloodline. And even despite the odd way She was concieved, Kohraindehr is a mix of all three bloodlines.

These three bloodlines need names. *Thinking* Moy'tay'fah'loon for the MT bloodline; Shekeh'fah'loon for the Creation Onyx bloodline; and Shao'fah'loon for the Shao'Kehn bloodline. Fah'loon means "divine birth." The "moy'tay" in "moy'tay'fah'loon" comes from "Moiulainas" and "Taybahliss." "Shekeh" comes from the word for "bone," since Creation Onyx is considered the bones of the universe. And the origin of "Shao'fah'loon" ought to be obvious.

In other news, I made a prayer in Trai'Pahg'Nan'Nog, written in the Traipahni style for books, and put it on the inside side of my apartment door. It's a protection prayer/spell. Not strictly necessary, because Shao'Kehn always protects my abode anyway, but if nothing else, it was nice practice for the writing style. And makes a nice example:

Read it this way:

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