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As you all no doubt know by now, I am rather androgynous in appearance. I keep my hair as long as I can (which, at the buffet, is short for guys) in order to keep people thinking I'm a fem. Or femmy at least.

Something you may not know is that employees at the buffet have to use the same restrooms as the customers, because we used to have a restroom in the kitchen but they tore it out and made it into an office for the head chef. (Who is incredibly handsome and has a nice ass, by the way.)

Anyway... so I'm coming out of the men's restroom (of course) yesterday, and this guy walking towards the men's restroom stares at me and his head whips around real quick between me, the women's restroom, and the men's restroom, then back. He continues to stare bewilderedly at me after I walk away. It took about 6 seconds for my brain to process this. When I did, I had to keep from laughing. It was fucking hilarious, the look on his face seeing me coming out of the men's restroom! Every time I thought about it for the rest of the night, I would laugh! It amused me greatly.

Too bad you didn't see it. :-)

Chaotic Blessings;
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