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      After I left the library last Sunday, I went to Whole Foods in the Pearl district, which was a lot easier to find than I had thought it would be. I went there because it is the only place I know of that you can buy Cuisine Mentor brand spice blends on food stamps. I went there looking for the African piri-piri spice mix, since I know I love that stuff, and because I've been using taco seasoning for my chicken-veggie stir fry stuff for so long that I'm getting really tired of taco seasoning.
      Anyway, I got the piri-piri, and I looked at the others, finally deciding to get “Native American 'Three Sisters Stew' Blend,” because the only ingredient in the stew recipe that I'm missing is cilantro. So I'll try that at some point. I was also looking at other spice blends and other brands, writing down prices and names to see if I can find them cheaper, since Whole Foods didn't come by the nickname “Whole Paycheck” for no reason.
      After that, I went to this hot dog place on Hawthorne for lunch, using $5 of the $20 gift certificate I won at the Buffy meetup. I restricted myself to $5 so I could have $15 leftover to take Brooke out there some time. I figure we can both get something decent to eat there AND drinks on what's left.
      When I finished there, I met up with Lilla at Starbuck's and we spent several hours talking. We have another meeting planned for Thursday, as well. When I finally left for home, I started regretting still being out and about on Sunday, since Sunday is the single worst day for bus travel that there is every week. Even during the busiest hours of Sunday, the best you can hope for is 30 minutes between buses. The 14 didn't take too long to get there, but I was waiting for the 71 for over three-quarters of an hour. Seeing as the transit tracker said 44 minutes til the next bus, and it ended up being more like 60, with me having to stand the entire time because there was nowhere to sit, I was thoroughly pissed off. The only thing keeping me from ripping the bus driver's head off in anger was the fear of being kicked off the bus; so again, I said nothing to him. All in all, I was very glad to finally get home.

      Since at least last Thursday, due to a headache that put me to bed early one night, I have been diurnal every day since; in bed by 9pm and awake between 5 and 7 am. This is highly irregular for me, but it is very convenient. When Brooke was too ill to have me over yesterday, I went out to Fred Meyer’s to get my Internet fix. There I found out, by asking, that I could get their salad bar on food stamps if I wanted to, since it's cold food. I didn't, though.
      And good thing, too, because when I left there, I went to this one Asian store on Prescott. Hong Phat, I think it's called. I got some mushrooms of the long skinny variety, and some Japanese eggplants. (I use Japanese eggplants because they're smaller than normal eggplants, and also have fewer seeds.) I would have gotten zucchini, too, but they were out. I tell you, if you want eggplant and you live in the Portland area, go there soon; they had about half a dozen huge cardboard bins full of Japanese eggplants!
      From there, I went to Winco and got some zucchinis and some yellow squash. I also got a couple things of hummus (one with pine nuts, the other is spinach and artichoke flavor), and I was looking at the spice aisle. It was amazing how many varieties of Mrs. Dash they have! They were missing the one I really wanted, though, which is “Extra Spicy.” I'll get that next month. I ended up getting the “Southwest Chipotle” blend. Oh yeah, and I got a pizza.
      Went home, had the pizza with some crushed chili pepper baked on. Next time I'll just put the chili pepper on after baking, because the pizza was *too* spicy. I still managed to eat three fourths of the thing, and that was *after* the spinach salad. Made some chicken in the over while I ate the pizza, which I cooked up today with the veggies and the African piri-piri spice mix (which, by the way, is HOT!)
      So yeah, been craving spicy foods lately. Probably because food was getting very dull, eating the same thing all the time. Oh, that reminds me... I counted up all the different possible types of meals I could make with the food in my apartment, and got to about 41. I doubt I could actually do all 41 in a single month even if I wanted to, but it just goes to show how much variety I can get now.

      One last thing, a note more for myself: since deciding to do yah'yahr singing/chaos singing every day, I have actually done so. For at least a few minutes every day (though not always in the morning), I have done precisely that. And I think it's good for my mood, too. It's also getting me wanting to dance, and actually doing some dance on several occasions, which is excellent, since dancing and singing is one of my favorite spiritual activities. Odd, for an overweight asthmatic who, despite not having any asthma attacks for several years, does occasionally get short-winded trying to sing and walk at the same time.
      I also plan on doing some droning at the altar later today. Hell, it's only 10:50 am right now, and I've already made piri-piri stir fry, listened to a Van Canto album, watched at least one episode of Fringe, and I'm currently writing up my *second* LJ/DW post of the day. (Though I think I'll post this one first.)
      I think reconnecting with my spirituality is helping, especially the singing and droning. I feel a lot better than I did even a week ago, so I think it's helping my depression be less powerful.
      Well, that's all for now.

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