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Update for the weekend

This weekend I've been working on symbols for my deities again. Last night, I wrote down a list of all the deities with at least one symbol, and another list of those who didn't have symbols. I want the major deities, at least, to all have symbols. Minor deities like Fennis and Severnoris (possibly even Traipahnya), doesn't matter if they have symbols or not. (Fennis is deity of prairies, Severnoris is deity of swamps). Also making sure to make computer versions of all the symbols, which isn't easy; some symbols are either difficult or nearly impossible to draw with a mouse. (Damn, I wish my Wacom tablet still worked.) But Duenicohn and Nahtahdjaiz are two of the deities to have proper symbols for them now. (Came up with the Nahtahdjaiz symbol while waiting for the Unitarian Universalist church service to begin.)

Went to Unitarian church again today. After the sermon she gave, I am even more sure than before that Amy Beltaine (the intern minister) is a pagan. Possibly a Buddhism/Hinduism/paganism syncretist. She quoted Starhawk, among other things.

Some of the things in her sermon reminded me of my earlier post about Kohraindehr... mainly because I'm increasingly becoming convinced that there are so many definitions for the word "God" that the word is now essentially meaningless by rote of meaning something different to everyone. It also made me realize that I disagree now with the supposition by Neale Donald Walsch that the entity speaking in his "Conversations With God" is the highest God. Though to be honest, I never really believed that. And technically speaking, CWG doesn't claim that; it claims that God has a God and that God has a God and so on. Turtles all the way up AND down.

My sleep schedule since at least Thursday (if not earlier) has had me diurnal, of all the crazy things. Gave me the best Saturday-into-Sunday sleep I've had for months, because I got 9 or 10 hours of sleep even waking up at about 5 or 6 AM.

Gonna be visiting Lilla later today. Gonna grab some noms first, though. Gonna try to get some poetry done today. It's been too long.

I have new names for two things I do:

1. What I've been calling chaos chanting/chaos singing for many years, I am now calling yah'yahr singing.

2. Sometimes the above singing turns into "droning," IE holding a tone for as long as I can. Some of the dronings sound like a hum. The goal of droning is two-fold: it gives me something to concentrate on while clearing my mind, and it makes interesting vibrations in my head. I am now calling the droning "dah'yahr droning."

Some time today, if I have time, I also want to start on "To Teach and To Learn," since it's been a few days since the last one I wrote, and I have some neat ideas.

Anyway, running out of time, so I'd better post before that happens.

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