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Kohraindehr is not a personal deity

My faith, Yahgahn, has 39 deities. One of them is Kohraindehr, Deity of All. In one sense, Kohraindehr is like the Christian God in that She is omnipotent and omniscient. But that's really the only similarity. Despite having to keep track of the entire enormous universe, the Christian God is also somehow a personal deity. He's said to love everyone and help them out when they pray. Which leads to a lot of atheists going "Well either God is all loving and can't help everyone, which makes Him impotent, or else He *could* help everyone and doesn't want to, and therefore is evil." Which is an argument based on the supposition that God is a personal deity.

Most of the Yahgahn deities have cults (in the old sense of the word) on Traipah. But then, many Yahgahn deities (if not most) are personal deities. Kohraindehr might have a cult, I don't know, but I don't know what it would look like if She did. Because Kohraindehr is NOT a personal deity. Kohraindehr is too busy making sure the laws of physics work, keeping track of the billions of galaxies in this and all the infinite number of universes, and keeping all the universes going without smashing into one another, to notice or care about humans or other sentients. I doubt She even communicates much with the other deities, let alone mortals.

Imagine if subatomic particles prayed to you to help them. Assuming you could hear them, you'd be hearing ALL OF THEM. There are trillions of cells just in your brain alone, and each cell is made of trillions of atoms, each atom made of trillions of subatomic particles. Even assuming you could keep track of all the wants and needs of all those particles, could you muster enough give-a-shit to help any of them? And even if you could care for all of them, and could grant all their wishes, could you ever hope to please them all? Of course not! Kohraindehr is the same way, except it's several million orders of magnitude worse for Her.

Hell, Yahgahn doesn't even attempt to give Her a physical description. She's hatched from an egg in the Noiionayya, but we never actually see anything but a flash of light when She's born. The same is true of Krainah, deity of Time; Krainah isn't a personal deity either. Dochrahmahn Tu-Rah (speed and flight) isn't described either, but She is at least a personal deity; She can be prayed to, and will usually answer.

But praying to Kohraindehr? You might as well try to stop a volcano erupting by slapping it with a cease and desist order. It's not even certain Kohraindehr is capable of caring one way or another about mortals; it's not certain She even notices them. She is the ultimate impersonal force of nature. I suppose you could worship Her; She is certainly worthy of worship, given Her role. But just don't expect Her to notice or care that you're worshiping Her.

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Mar. 3rd, 2012 03:21 am (UTC)
Heh- there's a case for the multitude of all realities having such an Archetype.
The church of God the utterly indifferent, Warren Zevon's Vast Indifference Of Heaven.. Vodun's "Gran Met"

They're a Trinity in the legends of my minds?

Heinlein postulated that we make a full reality when we are a good enough Author. Here's a mindbender:

Suppose it's the other way around with #deities?

THEY use US to create themselves..

So you're now faced with a challenge- live a life that does them justice as if that hypothetical of who creates who to what ends is true. Or risk an uncreation by not so doing? Oh, I do so intend all this as playful yet reflective all at once. Yet, mayhaps your pantheon hath created..moi? as a goad or muse for your having been tasked to incarnate them? All #deities have a perk we don't - they get to determine if they exist based on their terms. And who are we to challenge that?
Dec. 25th, 2012 06:53 am (UTC)
Re: Heh- there's a case for the multitude of all realities having such an Archetype.
Ya know, one of the other religions on Traipah - I forget offhand which one - believes that the Deities are ages-old magickal tools mortals created to help make life easier. Worship of the Deities is thus seen as a cultural obligation to maintain the power of those tools.

Also, in the case of my own pantheon, I may very well have been brought to Earth to give birth to versions of them over here. I already know I'm one of who-know how many "Shao'Mort" incarnations of Shao'Kehn.
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