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Titles for Shao'Rahk

Other titles I've come up with for Shao'Rahk, the Aspect/Face of Shao'Kehn that is The Savage One, from the fable "Of That Which Is Savage". This list is not done by far, but there are at least 25 titles here. The ones in bold are my favorites. Ones in italics are my second favorites. Bold AND underline are my favorite favorites.

Titles of Shao'Rahk:

The Putrid One, Queen of Filth, Lady of Vileness, Eater of Feces, The Putrescent One, Drinker of Vomit, The Necrotic One, Patroness of Fungi, Empress of Putrefaction, Mother of Maggots, The Scavenger, Sister of Slime, The Feral One, The Savage Queen, Patroness of Pus, Duchess of Disease, Baroness of Bile, Baroness of Barren-ness, Mistress of Miscarriage, Abottess of Abortion, Mother of Mutation, Eater of Afterbirth, Born Of A Yellow Ocean, The Red Queen, Sacred Murderess, The Butcheress, The Free-est Soul, Harbinger of Happiness, Waif of Waste, Wastrel of Wastefulness, Eater of Sorrow, The Rotten Cunt, The Burning Member, Divine Tapeworm, The Parasite, The Malodorous One, Offalescent Queen, Desecrator of Corpses, The Necrophillic Bitch-Goddess, Eater of the Living, Eater of the Dead, The Unclean One, Insanity's Lover, Drinker of Diarrhea, She Who Consumes Her Own Flesh, The Incestuous Whore, The Virgin Whore, The Destroyer, Eater of Compassion, Devourer of Youth, Bastion of Bulimia, The Infected One, Ingester of Cremains, She Who Orgasms In A Charnel House, She Who Rapes Her Food, Fucker of Beasts, Eater of Reproductive Organs, She Who Masturbates With Severed Fingers, Drinker of Blood, Slurper of Saliva, Feaster on Fetuses, The Fecund One, The Festering One, The Leech Goddess, Out-Stinker of Skunks, Licker of Tumors, Creatress of Cockroaches, The Venomous One, Kin To Conqueror Worms...

That's all the titles I have for Her at the moment. But Her putrescent glory is worthy of so many more.

I should note that Shao-Rahk's role is very complex. My absolute most favorite title of Hers is "The Free-est Soul," because it is SO true. By reveling in filth, vileness, and all the things that would turn most peoples' stomachs (mine included), and by not caring what She does, and by being so wild... She is free. This is because She symbolizes that freedom is a feeling more than an actual thing.

By definition, being un-incarnated is to be unlimited, and one would think that being unlimited would be the free-est kind of freedom. But the irony is that limitations - which are only possible in the realm of the relative (the mortal coil) - can often be what sets our souls free. The cage of flesh and bones does not have to make us feel trapped. Shao'Rahk teaches us that to be free, we need only change our minds. For it is not the body that traps us in our lives, it is our minds. We allow ourselves to be shackled by the restrictions of civilized life.

Don't get me wrong... most of the trappings of civilization tend to allow us reliable food, shelter, socialization, and reproduction... But there is such a thing as too much restriction. There's something to be said for getting in touch with your feral side once in a while. For instance, instead of going through all of your life as though it were a chore, take perverse pleasure in certain activities in the privacy of your home. For example: actually pay attention to the pressure of the buildup of feces in your colon, and then take a deeply gratifying pleasure in straining to get that turd out. After writing that fable in which Shao'Rahk was introduced, I noticed that yes - She's right! Taking a crap CAN be almost as pleasureable as sex at times. And if you have a crappy sex life, like I do, sometimes it can be *better*.

Another thing I like to do to get in touch with my feral side is to be perversely honest with myself, and treat myself to some gratuitous pleasure once in a while. Why, just this morning I discovered that the library was not open yet, and I had a half an hour left before it closed. So I asked myself what I wanted to do in that time. And I replied, "Go home, shit, and masturbate." Which I did.

I have found in my life that getting in touch with my own inner Shao'Rahk - even if only in the privacy of my mind - has made life a lot more bearable. When I get stressed out, I make perverted jokes to myself or have base thoughts or fantasies, and it helps allieviate my stress.

When you get right down to it, everyone - regardless of their beliefs - needs to get in touch with parts of themselves other than their mind. We are more than our mind, more than our body, and more than our soul. Ignoring one or more of these parts of one's self is unhealthy. Even if you don't believe in the soul, it is still undeniable to those who pay attention to such things that once in a while it feels good to just stop thinking, stop doing, and just BE for a while. Empty your head and relax your body and mind. You don't have to believe in the soul to nurture your spirit and be healthy in all ways.
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