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Bad dream last night

      I don't have "bad dreams" very often, and when I do they're usually no more frightening than a science fiction thriller in which I'm the main charecter, and so they usually get resolved, and even when they don't it's generally no big deal.

      Last night, however, was a true nightmare. It started out no different than usual, just an interesting if spooky story for me to resolve. I was in this furniture store, I think, with a bunch of other hostages. And some strange creature looking like Despair and Death combined into one was holding us captive. Now in dreams like these I'm fairly lucid, so I knew it was a dream and because of that I was bantering words with this creature. Though it was in no mood to play, and caused me quite a bit of dream pain (pain that doesn't hurt you but, in a dream, hurts the dream you) and was gloating about how he was going to kill me when he wasn't so busy helping his thugs take away the furnature. I know, that doesn't sound frightening at all, and it wasn't, except for the atmosphere. The creature made a very creepy atmosphere and sucked all the happiness (except for not all mine) and most of the hope out of the room, much like a Dementor. Only this one talked, and looked creepier than a Dementor. Like he was the undead or something.
      Anyway, he beat me down and I got very thirsty and drank some water. This gave me an idea and I kept trying to pour different kinds of liquids on him, seeing if any were his weakness. This very much annoyed him and he beat me down again after finally losing his temper with me. The other hostages, all through this, were huddled in fear against the back wall.
      Then the creature left the building to help his thugs. By this point, almost all the furnature was gone. He was going to kill us all, I think, when he was done. Luckily I suddenly remembered I'd had this sort of dream before, and I knew his weakness: magnets. There was a hardware store next door, and I planned on going over there to get the ingredients to make an electomagnet. But I don't know exactly how to make one, so luckily one of the hostages owned the hardware store. I told him my plan, though he said nothing in response. Then I snuck out.
      I then got lost trying to find the place (you know dreams, you can go in a door to another room and end up in an entirely different dream) and eventually I was running from the creature. All the hostages were dead because I'd gotten lost, and now I had to find my bearings and get the stuff to make an electromagnet and hope I could make one by myself. I eventually wandered into a neighborhood looking like a cross between the back side of the neigborhood we lived in at Anita and the one we lived in at Savannah, Illinois. I found our house, which in the dream was the Anita house, and entered.
      It was a disaster area. Trash everywhere, broken furniture and stuff spread like a tornado had been through, and it looked like Mom and Dad had put out several small fires which still smoked a little. I walked right by them both and neither said a thing. Still, I was hopeful I could find what I needed to defeat the strange creature that had done all this and more.

      But then the dream turned into a nightmare as I turned around in the living room... and saw Tara hanging by a rope around her neck from the rafters. I screamed in the dream and woke up crying. It took me several minutes to stop and to realize it had only been a dream. I guess losing Tara is still my most horrible nightmare.

Chaotic Blessings;
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