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Of high school and society in general.

I had an interesting dream last night, a highly unusual one. It started as a fairly typical "I'm in high school again" dream (Gods, I hate those), but I was partially lucid the whole time, which might explain my unusual behavior during the dream. Because for the whole first part of the dream, with the run-in I had with a bully and its after-effects, I was behaving oddly for me. Had it been real, I would have gone quiet and tried to blend into the background. But in this dream I was agitated and drawing attention to myself.

But it's the part that happened as a result of the teacher leading a discussion about depression and happiness that got really interesting. I was sitting on my knees on the chair, wearing sunglasses and acting kind of Gothy, which got me my turn in the discussion faster, but I was still like the fifth or sixth person to speak. Now, when I spoke, I said nearly word for word the following:
"This whole exercise is pointless; those of us who are doing well in high school will be happy, and those of us not doing well will be unhappy, until graduation. High school is the educational equivalent of the ghetto, a broken place full of despair and desperation where only the strong survive. Some people ask why some kids go insane before it's over and go on killing sprees, but the *real* question is, 'why doesn't it happen more often?' We'd all be much better off, educationally and socially speaking, with private tutoring."
Now, this is a quote that I've never consciously thought or said before, but having heard it in the dream, I agree 200%. Of course, it's the entire educational system that's broken, not just high school. It's only because humans are, by nature, learning creatures that most people get at least *some* useful education out of school *despite* the brokenness of the system.

But yeah, that dream quote is nearly perfect. And reminds me of something I was thinking about a few days ago: that if I ever get famous enough with my writing to be asked to speak at a school, what I'll say will basically boil down to "The educational system is ridiculously obsolete, hopelessly broken, and needs to be replaced. And I don't just mean public school, either. I mean all of it. College isn't much better, either. In fact, in some ways college is worse. Aside from being ridiculously overpriced, college also doesn't guarantee you a job anymore; in fact, some degrees can over-qualify you for a huge chunk of available jobs on the job market. If you can get in on a scholarship, or your parents are paying your way in, or it's otherwise free, then go for it, go for a college education. But if you have to pay your own way through, if you have to get a student loan, then you better be *damned* sure it's the right thing for you to do, or else you might as well not bother wasting your time and money."

Of course, when you get down to it, this entire society is hopelessly broken and obsolete. The governmental system is in dire need of a massive overhaul, the health care system is hopelessly broken and so hellbent on profit that everything costs a ridiculously high amount, and our economic system is on its last legs. All it's gonna take to finish off capitalism is the appearance of 3-D printers that can use multiple elements similar to how Star Trek replicators do, and all Hell is gonna break loose. My only real hope is that society will hang on long enough for me to have a long, full life first. Once I'm dead in my 90's, society can collapse for all I care; I just don't want to be around to witness it. Because sure, it might be replaced by something better, and fairer, something close to Utopian, even. But the transitional period is gonna SUCK.

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