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The Code of Kusahnia

I was looking through my grimoire the other day, and found something. Now, my grimoire is a black binder (Trapper Keeper, I think) that I've been putting stuff into for about 15 years. The part I was looking at was very old, it was a group of things called "The Yahgahn Codes," which are philosophies of the Yahgahn faith. Some are very old and may need revising/redoing. Anyway, I noticed there was no Code of Kusahnia. I knew what such a code would be like: emphasizing the importance of knowledge, wisdom, and science. That's because one of the biggest cults of Yahgahn is the Cult of Kusahnia, Kusahnia being the Goddess of Knowledge, mother of Kiinjohn (Wisdom) and Kusahnjijahn (science, learning, and commerce).

Traipah society is extremely old. They were building cities when humans had just figured out fire. About 9,000 years ago, their level of technology was well ahead of what we have right now. It still is. The stories take place around (roughly) the year 3,100 AD, where they have a society completely free of scarcity. And in all the history of their species, very little knowledge was lost to history, so powerful is their love - as a species - for the written word, art, and other pursuits of the mind. Even through the upheaval of The Reformation (9K years ago), they kept their libraries open, saved their people's history. I wrote the Code of Kusahnia, just now, because I believe we should adopt a similar reverence for ideas and books. Because all my life, I've known that the greatest enemies of the human race are ignorance, and humanity's violent side.

I'm not going to put any of this under the cut. It is short, and everyone should read it. And feel free to reblog it if you agree.

The Code of Kusahnia

      As sentient beings, what makes us strong is our nature as social organisms, our intelligence, our knowledge, and the wisdom we have collected over tens of thousands of years. If any one of these slips in importance relative to the importance of the others, our ability to survive and to thrive becomes compromised. If we undervalue our social interactions, our society, we become divided and we fight. Extreme individualism is great for some species of animals, but it is counter-productive for the survival of social species like our own. Those who value their own power or greed over the welfare of the people in general are inviting entropy to come tear us down back to the level of the animals, and our survival would be greatly jeopardized by this foolishness.
      If we undervalue intelligence – or worse, overvalue ignorance – we risk legitimizing forces that would seek to tear down our great works and return us to the level of animals, again risking our survival. There is nothing shameful in being ignorant, unless that ignorance is glorified, legitimized, or even worshiped. Intelligence, science, wisdom... these things distinguish us from animals, improve our quality of life, and make us closer to the gods. It is through the search for knowledge and – more importantly, wisdom – that may one day allow us to become gods ourselves. There are those who fear that possibility, and seek to make us all ignorant in their fear. But their fear will destroy us if we allow it to. We must continue to value knowledge, wisdom, and the values of compassion and wisdom gathering.
      Those who would control the masses prefer ignorant minds, because such minds are easier to lead. For their short-term power and desires, they would risk the end of all civilization. They would burn books, destroy libraries, ruin the education system with lies and fantasies, and perform other blasphemies all for the sake of power and greed. Such people are thrice-hexed. And if they would do this in the name of religion, they are septuple-hexed atop that. For only the most selfish and worthless of beings would so undermine the integrity of society, of the species, for their own short-term desires.
      So it is the duty of everyone who values knowledge, wisdom, and the survival of the species to fight these opponents of reason, these enemies of intelligence and wisdom. They stand behind their false idols – things they claim to idolize but show by their actions that they are lying – for their own ends. For nowhere will you find a truly pro-life person who is against education and science. Nowhere will you find a true Christian who preaches hatred, or tries to replace science with lies. Remember this: what people say they believe and what they truly believe are often very different. And none of these people are truly concerned with “traditional values,” for their values are nowhere near being traditional; they value only their own power over others, only the gratification of their own desire to tell others what to do and how to do it. Yet they, as living beings, are still worthy of the respect due all life; but for the sake of the species, they must be opposed; they must be stopped from spreading their plague of ignorance and stupidity. They must be stopped, or we are all doomed.

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