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Working on the Noiionayya again.

The spiritual path I follow, at least the primary part of it, is an alien religion I came up with for the planet Traipah. Called "Yahgahn," it is the dominant religion on Traipah, and has been evolving since I was a freshman in high school, if not longer. It is the source of my main Goddess Shao'Kehn (AKA Djao'Kain), Her consort Ahndahn, and their adopted daughter Nahtahdjaiz.

Yet in all the time I've been practicing this path, I had never written down the Noiionayya, which is the creation myth of the religion. Oh, I'd talked about bits of it, and there are fables and other stories that are peripheral to it (or part of the larger story), but the whole thing itself, I hadn't made any real attempt to write down. Until now. Well, technically speaking, several months ago I made a start, and got three pages into it, and hadn't touched it since. But I'd been thinking about it again lately these last few days, and last night I had an inspiration... one of those late-night inspirations that kept me up until almost 7 AM writing. In one night it went from three pages to six.

Peripheral to that, the list of deities in this religion was, for a long time, limited to 36 deities. But in writing the Noiionayya, two new ones have come up: Traipahnya, deity of the planet Traipah; and Kohr'Vahnyoh, deity of planimals (a kingdom of life on Traipah, they can walk around like animals, and they eat animals for certain nutrients, but they are otherwise plants). Who knows what other deities might be added to the list? Of course, I do feel a little bad sometimes... many of the deities on the list are names I barely remember because I invoke them so infrequently, especially some of the really specialist deities.

Anyway, so far the Noiionayya is unabashedly sexual in nature. This is not a story for children in our culture. In Traipahni culture, they do tell this story to their children, because their society lacks the sex shame of ours and their society is set up in such a way that any kind of abuse is a rare thing. They stick together more, whereas humans stick apart. The people of Traipah are also not as violent as humans. Humans are like the regular chimps, in their violence, and the Ah'Koi Bahnis are like the bonobos.

Well, I'll post the Noiionaya here when/if I finish it. Oh yes, I also wrote a poem in church last Sunday (Unitarian Universalist church) that I'll post here soon.

EDIT: Correction: Shao'Kehn wrote the poem I speak of. But I think we were unified at the time.

Another correction: There are currently 39 deities on the list, not 38.

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