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Something very annoying that Cracked and Wired do.

Some sites, like and, do this stupid thing where their Twitter buttons include not only the link to the page, but also "" or "," which Twitter assumes are URLs and shortens. So when you're viewing the tweet from someone's LiveJournal or what have you, there are two shortened links, one of which goes to the actual page, and the other one goes to the home page. I try to delete the home-page URLs when I can, but I never catch them all. I really wish sites would stop doing shit like that. I think I'll complain.

Well okay, technically doesn't do that, it's Shareaholic that does it. Because what Cracked does is worse. Hit their Twitter button, and all that comes up is "I'm currently reading [URL]," which would be okay if Twitter didn't shorten the URLs. But they do. So I started using Shareaholic for Cracked pages because otherwise there'd be a bunch of "I'm currently reading [URL]"s which could all be going to the same link for all anyone knew.

But that's not as bad as the sites that either don't have Twitter buttons at all (another reason for using Shareaholic) or whose Twitter button either has only the URL and nothing else (worst when it's an already-shortened URL), or when I have to sign in using Twitter and give permission to some app to post the tweet for me, which is an annoying extra step when it works, though I should say IF it works, because so far I've never gotten it to work before that way except on Huffington Post's website.

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