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Well, that seemed to work.

Been having some trouble lately with half-nightmares, eerie dreams, etc. I'm pretty sure it's the darkness of winter and my being in my apartment too much of the time that are making the energy in the apartment turn sour. But it's been bad enough that I've been reluctant to go to bed because of it. I need to find some cleansing herbs to smudge.

Still, not having such a thing last night, and not having yet done the planned drawing of Morshiinin, the spikey Shao'Ahn'Dih'Gahn, or a dreamcatcher, I was considering the options last night. I needed *something*, because this problem is so annoying, especially because it's been making me afraid of the dark. I've *never* been afraid of the dark, even as a child; I *am* The Dark.1 And so I did something I should have thought of earlier: renewing the protective circle around the apartment. This involves shifting into Shao'Kehn energy, lots of visualized flames, and a burning hot circle of chaos fire around the apartment (Well, not a circle exactly. More like an oval). There was also visualization of the spikey Shao'Ahn'Dih'Gahn (more explanation on that when I get a pic of it drawn). It was quick and dirty, but effective. And well, I don't mean to sound like bragging, but I always knew my magick was more powerful than most people's even before I knew the reason (I am an avatar of Shao'Kehn). Most people would need to do a whole ritual, I think, to renew such a protective barrier. Mine took 5 minutes at the most. And I can still feel it working. Hell, when I was doing half-hour or longer magick rituals outside in Iowa, it would rain not long afterward, and the energy of the whole town would shift dramatically.

1 = So true, too. I would play outside well into the night, only coming in when Mom and Dad insisted on it. Lurking in the shadows, scaring friends and relatives. I was as comfortable in the darkness as a seal in water. And more comfortable in the dark than I was during the day.

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