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Something annoying about Avatar: The Last Airbender

In the cartoon series "Avatar: The Last Airbender," the character Sakka annoys me greatly sometimes. He's such a huge skeptic, constantly saying stuff like "There's nothing magical about [such-and-such]." Dude, you live in a world where magic is real, and is known by all to be real. Your sister uses magic to control water. You hang out with a kid who controls air and water, and is seeking to learn to control earth and fire. You are constantly riding on a bison that flies without the aid of wings. You've seen dangerous spirits with your own two eyes, even been kidnapped by one. You've also seen peaceful spirits with your eyes as well. You witnessed the moon turn red when the living incarnation of the moon was mortally wounded. You've witnessed wounds being healed with magic. You've ridden on giant animals that use magic to move the earth. SO STOP WITH THE FUCKING SKEPTICISM ALREADY! He who denies what he has witnessed with his own two eyes, as constantly as you have, has flown WAY past skepticism into DELUSION.

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