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Oy vey

Earlier today, I stayed in bed longer than I would have otherwise (though not longer than usual) because I was having stomach oddities and diarrhea. The idea was simple: I'd taken some anti-diarrheal pills and laying down felt better than sitting up. I also had the idea of sleeping a few more hours and waking up fine, but that didn't work out. Sleep was not going to come. The diarrhea kept bugging me even after I got up, though I took another pill as per the directions (nearly gagging on this one because, with these pills, you have to put the water in your mouth first and swallow quickly or they dissolve in your mouth and taste so bad that I think washing my tongue off with urine would taste less gross), and after taking that third pill my stomach still felt weird but I stopped needing to piss from my ass every few minutes.

I ended up going to Rite Aid to get some off-brand Pepto and more anti-diarrheal, since I was running low on both. Didn't end up using any, but whatever. Finally decided to eat something, because sometimes "my stomach feeling weird" morphs into hunger and I didn't want to find this out the hard way at some point when my stomach might suddenly decide to go into "FEED ME NOW OR I CLAW MY WAY OUT OF YOUR THROAT AND POUR NAPALM ON YOUR CORPSE" mode. Which made me feel better. But my tummy still feels a teensy bit peculiar.

Also, on my second pot of tea. Decided to make a pot to replace lost fluids, and a second one ended up sounding like a great idea for some reason.

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Jan. 17th, 2012 11:47 pm (UTC)

Yeah, woke up fine this morning.
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