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It's good to be reminded of this occasionally.

I was reading one of gngr's LJ entries, wherein she was talking about aggravations at work, among other things. At one point she said:

There are some people you won’t be able to please, no matter what you do for them. I had a business gentleman come in, see the array of stuff I was cramming into our more expensive baskets (salmon, cheese and crackers, and so on) and demanded I make such a basket for him at a reduced price. We had to barter for a few minutes before he was satisfied and I was sure I wasn’t giving away something that would hurt our profits. For customers like that, I will make allowances for, and give them more than the monetary value is, because I’d rather see a $30 basket with $45 worth of stuff walk out the door than to lose a sale of $30.

Which prompted me to reply:
That makes sense. And this is one of those reasons why I could never long keep a job that required working with customers directly, because at work I am extremely anal about the rules as they've been laid out to me. That's because I have no idea how flexible I can be with rules before getting into trouble, so I become absolutely rigid about the rules. The only fudge factor I had was to ask a manager for permission, or help with the customer.

Well... it was one of many factors. Other factors: being hard of hearing, being extremely face-blind, having a memory like a sieve, having a face that literally hurts when I smile for long, having all the social graces of a mountain troll, having active distrust of strangers, having a very soft voice, having difficulty figuring out computerized register systems designed to be user-friendly to neurotypicals, being unable to skip steps in said computerized register menus and therefore causing the customers to repeat themselves, having a low boredom tolerance, having an even lower tolerance for morons and rude people, and having very little tolerance for jobs that I consider beneath me. There may be other factors I have forgotten.

Also, Alex was always the one to front when we worked, because he was the only one capable of tolerating it. If it weren't for The Filter keeping him from going into screaming rages at some of the worse customers, we'd never been able to keep jobs even as long as we did.1

When one's life is so full of boredom, it's always good to be reminded of why I'm not working anymore, which in turn makes me even more grateful for being on SSDI.

Oh, I am also deeply thankful for Opera's "speak" function, because without it, gngr's entry would have been WAY too long for me to read.

EDIT: Come to think of it, it'd be more accurate to say that Alex was the only member of the system *capable* of doing the things work required. Even before the Big Multiplicity Revelation, Alex was the one fronting at work. (Well, Proto-Alex, anyway.) Which was because he was the only one who COULD do the work. Who else was gonna do it? Alex may be a misanthropist and a grumpy-butt, but Tristan would have been constantly lost and near tears trying to do the work with all those strangers about; Fayanora would have had even more trouble understanding people than Alex did, and been even more face-blind. Molly is eternally 7; Lo didn't exist until after the multiplicity revelation, and is no better than Alex was at job stuff. None of the others, mentioned or unmentioned, could/would have done it for long. Hell, I remember one time Alex vanished for several days while we were working taking customer service calls; that was the worst week ever, it took the whole team (sans Alex, obviously) working together to manage it, and left us even more exhausted than normal.

1 = Yes, a large amount of that description of factors was due to Alex.

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