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A prayer for the health of a friend

A prayer for the good health of a friend, who is running a fever:

In Trai'Pahg'Nan'Nog:

Flo la da-muo seh Jiijiinis veh Alorno, da-talaisahk seh jiijiinahr veh alornik'yl, thiin tok ehk pahtwi foht la jiijiinahr seh Brooke Erickson. Yai djai bain ah'sohl-kursh djair tahdjah jiijiinahr uuj la mohtai seh la pahfahshentah hohrt mohtai ihndohn. Sahn-kia, Jiijiinis veh Alorno; Koh Soh La Kohrain.

Hear it spoken in TPNN:

In English:

In the names of Jiijiinis and Alorno, Goddesses of health and healing, I say a prayer for the health of Brooke Erickson. Mai s/he be given-again hir good health the coming of the sun this coming day. Many-Thanks, Jiijiinis and Alorno; You Are The All.

~ ~ ~

This prayer is shorter and unusual in form for me. I usually start out with "[Deity] and [Deity], Holy In Your Splendor," but when invoking Jiijiinis and Alorno, that gets a bit wordy. I don't think either will mind. The important bits are the prayer itself and the ending; the "many thanks, You Are The All."

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