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Shao'Kehn provides good news!

I just got a letter from Social security saying they're going to be giving me about $40 more a month starting in January! WOO HOO! It'll still take some creative bill wrangling, and every little bit will still help, so donate even a few bucks if you can, please. But this will be a lot of help.

Also, since one person donated $10, I will give all of you a present of some kind (flash fiction, poem, or something else creative) on my LJ/DW for every donation, starting with that one. Just have to figure out what that will be. (I welcome suggestions.)

Mom and Dad are also sending early Xmas money, so that's going to help, too. Sahn-kia (many thanks), Shao'Kehn and all my readers, Koh Soh La Kohrain! :-) (You Are The All!)

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