The Djao'Mor'Terra Collective (fayanora) wrote,
The Djao'Mor'Terra Collective

Money Mindfuck Week

I hereby invoke my title as Pope of the Discordian Faith to declare the following:

One one day out of the the week of Sunday, September 10th through Saturday, September 16th, to be Money Mindfuck Week. Give a random stranger one dollar. Do not explain why you're giving them money. It will seriously mess with their head.

Alternative ways to celebrate this week:

* Write upon a dollar bill something crazy like "Ralph gave this to me, but I don't know why." Then put said dollar bill into a library book.

* Get a bunch of dollar coins from the bank, then pay for something fairly large (more than ten dollars) with nothing but dollar coins.

* Hook a dollar bill to a fishing line and sit with this fishing rod in hand by the entrance of a bank, preferably while sitting in a lawn chair. Wear full fishing regalia if you have it. Do not explain what you are doing.

* Carefully glue 23 cents to the underside of a theatre chair's armrest or other bizarre place.

* Make a counterfeit $3 bill or $1000 bill (or larger) and leave it in a library book.

* Tell someone you will only accept payment in the form of Monopoly money. Make sure they come to realize that you are dead serious.

* Pay with Canadian money. Or better yet... if you have Japanese Yen, try paying with those.

* Throw loose change into the air around your target person. When it falls, walk away. Try to keep a straight face.

* If someone is next to you at the ATM, exclaim loudly, "OH MY GAWD! I WON AGAIN! Third time this week!"

* At McDonalds or some place like that (or a place that doesn't even sell food), tell the cashier that the change is hir tip. Odds are, this will confuse hir. (Who ever tips fast food people, after all?)
Tags: discordian stuff, discordianism, magick
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