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A thought about when the Lyria stuff eventually gets published.

Looking at examples of stereotypical female fantasy armor, and realistic armor, made me think of the armor in the Lyria series. Yes, you can tell the female warriors in Lyria's army from the males, because they need more chest room. But beyond that, their adamantium armor is all pretty much identical. As to Lyria herself... it doesn't look like it, since she always appears to be wearing normal clothing for the area (renaissance era inspired), but underneath that, she's wearing mithril armor. Mithril, in the Lyriaverse, is living silver. If Lyria were wearing only her armor, it would look like she were wearing something similar to mercury. But though it flows like a liquid around her body (keeping her body temperature regulated and wicking away moisture), mithril has its own senses and can solidify in a split second to deflect blows... like a non-neutonian fluid that is alive and anticipates blows. Now, Lyria isn't likely to go around in only her armor... but mithril is a Fae invention, and she has a Fae friend, a woman named Kialu.

So now I'm picturing the cover for the novel, and this is what I see in my mind's eye: Lyria in the foreground, smirking as she holds one hand open, a glowing marble with an insect inside it floating above her palm. Her hair and clothing being wind-swept, loads of various-sized pouches tied to her belt. (Already this would make news, I think: a strong, confident black woman wielding magic on the cover of a novel!) Her other hand is holding a thick tome of magic. (The glowing marble is her bodyguard, Voluponek.) On the right side of the book (and slightly in the background, so she appears smaller than Lyria) is the short-haired, olive-skinned soldier Serret Ahntashik in full adamantium armor, her helmet in one hand and a lightning pistol in the other. On the left side of the book (and also slightly in the background) is another black woman, the white-haired and white-eyed Asharind Fae named Kialu Laiu, wearing her mithril armor and floating in the air for dramatic effect.

Hell, with all that, I highly doubt we'd get the male, sandy-haired scholar Forizano Lysvalo (whose point of view many parts of the book are from) into the cover at all.

Man, I want to see this book, with this cover, in the stores some day.

Funniest part of this, that means none of the people on the cover would be standard humans; Kialu is a Fae, Serret is an artificial human species Lyria created called Zaharat, and Lyria has modified herself so much that she's now the same species as the Zaharat;. Lyria couldn't produce children with a normal human in the normal way even if she wanted to.

On a vaguely related note, if the Lyria stuff ever becomes a movie or TV series, I hope I'm alive to insist on a couple things:
1. That anyone playing a Grek1 warrior is as flat-chested a female as can be, because Grek wariors are all female, and being dragons, they don't have mammary glands. Their chests are therefore flat, and they don't have nipples, either.
2. I will insist upon CGI nose removal (like they did with Voldemort) because Greks do not have noses, just nostrils.
3. I will further insist upon Greks having no hair. Actors can, since that stuff can be covered up, but Greks don't have hair at all.
4. Also I will insist on the changing colors of the spot patterns when/if a Grek character changes sex.
5. Because it would be easy, and because it would be hilarious, and because that's how Grek society IS, male humans would have to play the male Greks. Which involves traditional human female roles/clothing. (Although I'd be willing to fudge on the clothing, since Greks can change sex whenever they want, so they might wear the same clothes regardless of their current sex.)
6. Damn, the fiijahs (horse/dragon hybrids) would kick ass.

1 = Greks are humanoid dragons.

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