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Weird dream

I had a cool dream last night. I dreamt about a future where the military find an alien vessel adrift in space. There're DNA samples inside, and so they use it to bring the aliens to life again. I was playing the role of one of the young aliens, prior to the older aliens going berzerk and killing everyone on the base.
The plot is so cliche that you can have it if you want.

However, the aliens themselves were totally cool. Dunno what drove the adults crazy, but I was one of the children. Even as an alien child, I was large... as large as I am now, more or less. But what was cool about them was their design... they walked on their "hands" all the time, with their head by their hands, and the rest of their body above. Since they couldn't use their hands, they had tentacles for that kind of stuff.

In the dream, I was being escorted by one of the military members and was being shown at a school. I know my charecter wasn't very intelligent yet, so he must've been very young, maybe an alien toddler or baby. If that's so, the adults must be HUGE, because my charecter was the size of the average human male. I got along well with the kids in the school, though. They were impressed, and some even petted my head. It was an... unusual dream.

You can steal the plot, but don't steal the aliens... I want to use them myself, as they're so cool and unique.

Chaotic Blessings;
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