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Superpowered in a dream!

I had a dream last night wherein I was looking for something, and on my way to find it, I saw a pair of bullies picking on a smaller boy. This debacle was blocking my path, so I intervened, talking to the bigger bully, who smugly said, "Maybe we should pick on YOU instead," and then tried grabbing my genitals. I grabbed his arm to stop him, and began twisting his arm. I was apparently super-strong in this dream, because I was barely even trying, and yet managing to twist his arm so hard that he was shouting in pain. I ignored him, saying, "I really don't like when people do that without permission," and kept twisting. Over the sounds of his screams, I heard his bones making crunching and cracking noises, and at one point sensed his elbow being dislocated or worse. I finally let go of him, and he collapsed to his knees. I kicked him over and went along as if nothing had happened. The other bully, and their victim, had both disappeared. And that's when I woke up.

So, in this dream I was both super-powered AND an insensitive, uncaring asshole who only intervened to begin with because it was an obstacle in my path, and callously left one of the bullies in agony with an arm so badly broken it may never be right again. Weird!

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