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I had an interesting idea inspired by a picture of a black-and-yellow striped spider, and as a result I think I'm going to add a creature called a spider-bee to Orion's list of creatures. The spider-bee will be bees that swarm their prey, sting them into paralysis, and then wrap them in silk and take them back to the hive. Once at the hive, they bite the victim and wait for the bite's venom to liquefy the remains. Then they drain that fluid into honeycomb-like structures to feed to the queen.

Now, I seem to recall some spiders can eat birds, frogs, and even small mammals. Do those still liquefy the prey's soft tissues? If so, how? Inside the silk wrappings, maybe? I think the spider-bees would have to be large enough to catch lots of small animals, because I doubt a diet of just insects would sustain a hive of such creatures.

Oh one last thing, they are as protective of their hives as Africanized honeybees are.

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