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My brain is weird

Been feeling a lot, lately, like my spirit is drifting out of my body to explore the area my body isn't currently in. What's weirdest about it is that I can feel like there's still a tether attached to my eyes. So strange a sensation, the sensation that one's spirit is floating in another part of the room than my body. Ah well, add it to the list of strange things I sometimes feel.

I suspect it might just be Pi wandering about in his spirit form. Maybe he and I should try doing magick again sometime. I know we used to do that all the time. And something recently reminded me that I used to send spirit-tendrils into the earth and take life-force from it for an energy boost.

Speaking of Pi, I need to carry more food with me when out and about. I pretty sure he's joking, but if I'm out too long, and have to ignore the hunger signal for more than a half an hour, Pi starts looking at the other humans like they're food.

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