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Crops that grow in swampy land? And other questions.

I went out on a walk earlier, to think about things regarding the Lyria-verse. And among other things, worked out a problem that had been bugging me. Dralakkith has a rainy winter, like Portland. But there was a country between them and the ocean, and Dralakkith is a country about the size of Germany. But today I figured out, the country between them and the ocean - a land called Gwalred - through some quirk of weather there, has rain all the time, all year 'round. Or possibly a dry season in summer, but the rest of the year they have monsoons and stuff. I also figured out, they have found it more trouble than it's worth to keep the swamps drained, so they gave up and grow water plants like rice instead (this fits the existing stuff; maps of Dralakkith show they have swamps in the western and southern regions).

So what I'm seeking, if anyone has any ideas, is other real-life edible plants that can grow in swampy land. And/or help me out with ideas for fictional edible water plants. I've already found that certain kinds of berries can grow there; what I'm mainly looking for is grains like rice, or tubers, leaves, or vegetables that grow in swampy land.

Also, Gwalred is an aggressive country. They've warred on Dralakkith at least once in the course of events in the novel, probably wanting their land. So any help with ideas for what their houses and buildings would look like would be greatly appreciated.

Oh, and vaguely related, I'm changing some things about Dralakkith's economy. Several things: one, I decided that they know as well as Lyria does that magic can be taught, so their universities now have lots of different kinds of degrees for various types of sorcery. (Like "Bachelor/Master of Sorcery For Industry" degrees, and "Master of Sorcery For Healing" degree.) Two, I figured out how they could have an assembly line for magic-driven machines; writing the chapter on Lyria's laboratory helped a lot there. And third, while the lower class still use horses, mules, donkeys, etc., and anyone with enough money and need uses lyftmaras (flying horses) for long-ish distance travel (longer distance travel is done using the Way Stations)... the upper class, and the lower and upper middle classes use horseless carriages or multi-legged transports depending on need. Dralakkith is a modern industrial nation, only with magic instead of electricity. (Though there *are* lightning guns.)

Also trying to figure out if a world using magic would have doctors and nurses, or just healers. I'm a bit fuzzy on the difference between a nurse and a doctor, aside from the fact nurses can't perform operations, and doctors have more education than nurses. If those are the only significant differences, I'll just go with healers, since that world has no need for surgery; if it can't be cured with magic, it can't be cured.

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