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Insuffensorship and I'm lovin' it

LOL! I was just on "window shopping" at music downloads area and they have available for download "Fuck the system" by System of a Down... and it's EDITED. I just HAD to listen to it, to see how they could censor a song like that. And I'll tell you... it is definetely a hilarious case of insuffensorship (in-suh-fen-sor-ship), or insufficient censorship (see for more info) because you can tell that it's "fuck" they're saying, even if you'd never heard the original song!

Oh my gods! They have Marilyn Manson, too! LOL! *Giggle fit*

Anyway, I got up early this morning (8:30) with a neck ache, so I didn't feel like making anything for breakfast today, especially since there wasn't much available. So I went to McDonalds. Yeah, impressive, I know. :-)

All for now.

Chaotic Blessings;
Tags: funny, music, new word, why walmart sucks, words
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