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Well this sucks.

For the last few days, I've been having back pain, and I didn't have a clue why until today. And, the answer is not one that I like. It's my fucking bed.

I should have known, to be honest. When I first got it, the first week I slept in it, it gave me back pain. I assumed it was because I was used to sleeping on an air mattress. After a week, I stopped getting back pain from it unless I slept on it for way too long. (Unlike the air mattress, where some days the only thing waking me up was hunger and/or my bladder.)

How do I know it's the bed? Well, last night my pain was lessening. I was recovering. Bending over, getting up or sitting down again barely hurt anymore, just before going to bed. I went to bed, fell asleep... and woke up hours later in pain, unable to find a comfortable enough position so I could sleep despite the pain. I was forced to get up and pace around, thinking. I didn't have the electric motor for filling up the air mattress, because I had given it back to Brooke. And the only place I have to put the air mattress is in the bathtub. But I'm going to have to do that for tomorrow night. I slept on this fluffy rocking chair that looks almost like a recliner, last night. It wasn't comfortable, really, but it was good enough to where I could ignore the pain and go to sleep. And I still have pain now, upon waking, but... there's a lot less of it. Sleeping in an uncomfortable chair relieved some of the pain of sleeping in my bed. Fuck.

I wish I'd known this would happen, back in the first week of having this bed, or sooner. It's WAY too late to return it, now. And I could barely afford the damn thing when I got it. Fuck my life.

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Oct. 17th, 2011 04:10 pm (UTC)
I don't know. This one cost something like $500. But I dare not get another of the same type, in case the same thing happens. I don't know what to do. But I'm going to use the air mattress in the meantime.


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