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Parental authority

Left a comment on a Quora answer that I think is worth repeating over here:

“From Day 1, children need to understand that the parents are benevolent/kindly dictators.”

Uh, no. Parents need to be more like a good teacher or a good role model. IE, “I have experience you can learn from, I can help you learn how to live in the world. You don’t have to do exactly as I do, but I’m an example.” But parents also have to spend at least *some* time playing with their kids.

Yes, kids do need routine and rules, but the rules need to be applied at least somewhat democratically. That is, kids are people too and a lot smarter than adults give them credit for, so their input concerning the rules needs to be considered too. Sometimes rules don’t account for a child’s needs, for instance a rule to do homework in silence might not work - the kid might need the radio on for some background noise to get any work done because their mind wanders in silence.

Other times a rule is unfair, and a lot of kids have an innate sense of fairness. An unfair rule needs the kid’s input so they and the parental figure can work on a compromise.

So it’s more like a constitutional monarchy, I think. The parent is the ultimate authority, but in that authority it’s their duty to listen to and consider the needs and wants of the people.

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Bizarre surreal funny dream

I just had a dream that I would like to say is the weirdest fucking dream I've ever had in my life, but I can't. The bar of weirdness for my dreams is way too high for that.

It's so bizarre and surreal that the best I can describe it is... Okay, so imagine the Saw movies, without the blood and gore, but keeping the death. Then add that it's about 100 people in the situation and they're running around a small enclosed farm kind of thing starving and dying, being killed by traps and being hunted by surreal monsters. Then they managed to escape because of something to do with music... Basically, one of them sings a song, and something about the music he sings appeases this small sheep-like creature that was guarding some door. The creature's eyes unfocus, the door opens, and they escape into a room where a much bigger version of the creature is sleeping in a bed. It had been using its powers to torment the people for some reason, and the music put it to sleep.

They escape the house and end up at a buffet. At one point when the survivors are eating, one of the survivors turns to another one with a look of dawning, horrified realization on her face and says "Oh my God! A sheep was counting us!"

I woke up laughing! XD

Tl;dr = My weird-ass, sleeping brain decided to tell itself a joke in the form of a bizarre and surreal horror movie with a fucking punchline! "A sheep was counting us!," ROTFLMAO!

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Smash fascism

There's an arc in Supergirl where there's this group called Children of Liberty which are basically Nazis or KKK members, but hating extraterrestrial aliens. And the show was doing a pretty good job of portraying them as villains and showing how fascism is a bad thing.

But they've also been doing an arc with Manchester Black and his Elite team. I've been rooting for them because I support their "smash fascists" approach, supporting them killing members of the Children of Liberty.

For a while, Supergirl was doing a pretty good job with both of these arcs. But in one of the recent episodes, Supergirl said that the Elite are "just as bad" as the Children of Liberty, and I just... I want to punch the writers in the face for that. They should know better than to make the argument that people defending against fascists are as bad as the fascists. Granted, I don't really like the fact that Menagerie is on their team because she is clearly an evil monster, but that just makes my point stronger. They're portraying people who are justly fighting fascism as being villains. But Manchester Black is right - you can't just put fascists in prison, because they'll still influence people from there and they might escape (as the leader of the Children of Liberty did, in fact) - you have to put them six feet under.

There are situations where fighting violence with pacifism is a good idea. But there is no getting through to fascists. There is no defending them. And prison is too good for them. The only good fascist is a dead fascist. And even if the writers think they should go to prison instead, they should either do a better job on the Manchester Black arc, or stop it altogether. Because telling people who hate fascists that attacking fascists makes them "just as bad" as the fascists is the kind of thing said by people who think fascism is just an opinion. It is not just an opinion, it is violence. Letting a fascist live is to tell everyone who has ever been a victim of fascism that their pain doesn't matter, that you don't care about the violence done against them. And defending a fascist makes you a fascist too. That is just all there is to it.

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Captain Marvel

Just got back from seeing Captain Marvel in theaters, because I wanted to help this movie succeed. To avoid spoilers, all I will say is it's full of twists, and also that this one reviewer was right: Thanos is indeed well and truly FUCKED. If Captain Marvel had been there in Infinity War to fight Thanos, she would have ripped off his arm, stolen the Infinity Gauntlet, and shoved his severed arm up his ass within 20 minutes of meeting him. Then crushed the gauntlet and thrown the infinity stones into a black hole in a far distant galaxy just to be sure.

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