On a YouTube video where they're reading off some Reddit posts about things non-Americans get confused by in posts by Americans, someone mentions school psychologists. Which prompted me to comment:

Did they mean "school counselor"? Because American here, and I've never heard of a school psychologist before. School counselors aren't actually counselors in that respect, they're not trained that way. At least in my experience they haven't been. Wish schools did have shrinks in my day, I could really have used one, and my parents were too poor to get me therapy.

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Tech in FMA

Something I only just noticed today, about a week after re-watching Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood again, is that the world of FMA has some strange gaps in their technology. Here is a world with trains, cars, and tanks... but no blimps, hot air balloons, or airplanes. And we can only presume they have ships, since Amestris is a land-locked country and we never see any other country in the anime unless it borders Amestris, and then not much of it at that. The anime doesn't even show any boats on rivers. None!

It's an odd gap. Airplanes I can understand, the principles of flight for airplanes are very different than those for birds. But they have science. They have internal combustion engines and they know chemistry, and they have tanks and bombs and guns and stuff. It would be very simple for them to have hot air balloons or blimps. And yet we never see any in the series. They don't appear to have any capability for flight, save for a few of the weird alchemy tricks Ed and Al use during fights.

So yeah. Just an interesting observation.

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New system.

I think we need to change the rules. Make it so that people working in political positions get paid just enough to live on, and no more. Anyone wanting to run for said positions needs to give up all other income and any savings they may have had. No stocks, bonds, yachts, private islands, etc. Maybe let them have one small house and a car. Though I think we should also bar anyone who makes more than a certain amount of money from running. Middle class and working class only, no more wealthy class people allowed to run for office. They're not normal human beings, they don't know what normal human beings are like, and so they're not fit to rule normal human beings.

What's more, wanting to run for political office should be met with extreme suspicion. All potential candidates should be thoroughly vetted, given psychological testing, scour their history for skeletons, and then absolutely everything comes out. They'd be put through the wringer. Absolutely no racists, rapists, thieves, etc. If you so much as tripped little Bobby Mulligan in third grade we will know about it and be expecting your response about it before we let you run for office. And we need to be able to do ranked voting like Australia has --- absolutely not A, but B is tolerable, and I prefer C to either of them (for an example).

And then, once you get the position, rules need to be that we can take a vote at any time to vote you out if we decide you're doing a shitty job.

Or hell, maybe just put the names of every person in the US who's 18 or older into a big randomizer thing and pick a name at random for each position for the next year or two. Still put them through the vetting process and the like, but they say the best leaders are those who had power thrust upon them, and we know that seeking power is a good sign that the person shouldn't be allowed to have that power. It's no guarantee, there are still good people who seek power - Bernie Sanders and AOC for examples - but the tendency is still there. Best to eliminate that power-seeking as a factor as much as possible.

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1. What was the last thing you drank?
Iced tea. It's pretty much the only thing I drink.

2. Where was your profile picture taken?
Hell if I know, it's not my picture.

3. Worst pain ever?
Bladder infection. It's like the most painful gas ever, but you can't get rid of it without antibiotics. If you think that doesn't sound bad, count yourself lucky. The last couple times I had a bladder infection, I was in so much pain I wanted to die, but couldn't get up to attempt to end it all. Now I take cranberry extract pills every single day, because cranberry extract prevents bacteria from being able to attach to the bladder walls. Haven't had a bladder infection since then, thank the Goddesses.

4. Favorite place you've ever traveled?
FairyWorlds, last year.

5. How late did you stay up last night?
The answer to that is complicated. Because of my stupid upstairs neighbor banging on the floor whenever I try to sleep on a diurnal schedule, I'm entirely nocturnal now. I've been waking up by midnight and staying up til noon or later.

6. If you could move, where would you move?
Traipah. It's a planet I lived on in a past life. The people there were sane, sensible, and kind. Complete opposite of Earth that way. Sure there are people like that on Earth, but they're a minority here.

7. What do you collect?
Pink things. Drawings I've done. And interesting images from the Internet.

8. Favorite day of the week?
The only days of the week I don't care for are Saturday and Sunday, because the buses don't run as often on the weekends, and because so many businesses are closed on Sundays. It's not so bad here in the big city as it was in small town Iowa, where there wasn't a single damned thing to do on a Sunday because of it. I don't have a favorite among the weekdays. They're all the same to me.

9. Amusement park or Concert?
Concert, if it's one of the bands I like. I *loved* the Guilhem Desq concert at FairyWorlds! (Guilhem Desq is an artist who plays an electric hurdy-gurdy.)

10. When was the last time you cried?
A couple months ago.

11. Who took your profile picture?
No idea.

12. Who’s the last person you took a picture of? Myself. Other than myself, I don't remember. Odds are good it was Brooke, though.

13. What’s your favorite season?
I don't really like any of them. Winter is too cold, summer is too hot. Autumn and spring can't make up their fucking minds about the weather, so I never know how to dress during them. (At least summer I know to dress with lots of skin showing, and winter I bundle up.) I like temps between 60 and 68 F, with a very slight, constant breeze, partly cloudy, with the right amount of heat energy from the sun but with dim visible light, but enough light to see well by with my sunglasses on, because a consistent problem I have with the outside world is the myriad annoying days when the sun is too bright to be without sunglasses but too dark to see well with sunglasses on. My favorite season, therefore, is a very narrow sweet spot that comes and goes, and I probably do good to get to experience a week or two worth of such days in a year.

14. If you could have any other career?
Published writer.

15. Who’s your celebrity crush?
For women, Elle Fanning and Lupita Nyong'o. For men, Idris Elba and D. B. Woodside. Oh, and Michael B. Jordan (played Killmonger in Black Panther.) Especially Idris Elba. I want to cuddle him and be dominated by him. Maybe if I'm a good little girl, he would let me call him Daddy. 8:D

16. Are you a good influence?
Depends on who you ask, but probably not.

17. Does pineapple belong on pizza?
No. Pineapple pizza is an abomination.

18. You have the remote, what are you watching?
I don't own a TV, but I do watch Netflix. I'm almost done binging the second season of "Happy!"

19. Who do you think will play?
I don't care.

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Nudder meme

I wanna do this now.
10 things I don't like most people do

1. Dogs (Big ones are scary, small ones are overly excitable, yappy, and disgusting with their drool and drinking out of toilets and eating cat poop)
2. Miracle Whip
3. Sweet tea
4. Alcohol
5. Summer
6. iPhones, etc. (Android user here!)
7. Watermelon. It just tastes like textured sugar water to me, and it's not a good texture. And even the "seedless" varieties still contain seeds, just smaller, white seeds.
8. The sun (Begone from my sight, foul daystar!)
9. Small talk
10. Socializing with strangers (outside of some very specific circumstances)

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