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That is a spicy a-language!

Hey so serious question: do people who get offended by cuss words like fuck, shit, cock, damn, and so on still exist?

No really, I don't mean people who *pretend* to be offended by those words for whatever reason like being self-righteous to "win" an argument, or as a thinly veiled excuse to not have to deal with someone anymore, I mean someone who's actually genuinely offended by those words? Because I'm not convinced that's actually a thing.

But if they were, it would explain why I occasionally get harassed online by people who are annoyed by my spicy language, when we were not engaged in an argument of any kind that I can determine.

Still, there are alternate explanations for those people, such as people just itching for a fight glomming onto a ready excuse, so I'm still not convinced that such people are real. Pretty sure the last of those people died before I was born. That is, if they ever really existed in the first place.

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Please go analog

Hey REACH (and other companies), just a suggestion: how about instead of waking people up with noisy, gas-guzzling motorized leaf blowers, you instead use a broom to sweep up the leaves? It's cheap, easy, effective, quiet, saves you money, better for the environment, and it's bound to be a hell of a lot faster at dealing with wet leaves than is blowing on them with a leaf blower long enough to dry them out again. I've also found it to be far easier to sweep leaves on hard surfaces than it is to blow them around willy-nilly.

Oh and also, if you know how to use it, a scythe is far more effective, quieter, faster, and less polluting than a motorized lawn mower would be.

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I slip into foreign accents at times, and/or use foreign words, apparently at random, though it happens more when I'm in a good mood. I find it easier to say "Danke" than "thank you," and easier to say "Adiosa" than "goodbye." (I know goodbye in Spanish is usually adios, but I say adiosa because adios means "go with God," but I'm neo-pagan, and adiosa means "go with Goddess.")

I'm also a Multiple, and two members of our collective have very distinct voices when they're in the front. Most of us are very quiet when we talk, so much so that we often have to talk loud enough that we feel like we're shouting to be heard. But Alex's normal speaking voice is much louder and harsher than our usual voice. And deeper too, because he's the only male in our collective.

Molly Elizabeth is a child (stuck at 7 years old), so her tones, word choices, talking speed, and pronunciation of words reflects that. I wouldn't call it a baby voice, but it definitely is distinctly child-like.

Oh wait, I almost forgot about a third member with a distinct voice: Pi. Pi's voice sounds almost like a Russian accent, and is very deep and resonant. Very masculine, but Pi is agender. (Meaning zee has no gender.)

And every one of these distinctive voices feels completely natural when it's being spoken.

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Ok boomer.

About the current viral inter-generational conflict:

The problem is that most of the surviving boomers think the newer generations are lazy and entitled for complaining about stuff that came easy to them, but
1. They don't know the realities of the modern world, how capitalism has fucked us over so that everything that was easy for them is extremely difficult and stressful for us.
2. They don't listen when we try to tell them this, to the point that we've given up and just go "Ok boomer," because we don't have the energy to put up with their sealioning anymore. (Sealioning, BTW, is the term for "asking questions you already know the answers to, just to waste someone's time and piss them off.")

Obviously, if you're one of the boomers who already knows these things and accepts them because you've experienced poverty recently enough, or have the self awareness or humility to believe people when they talk about their experiences, then this isn't about you.

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Just submitted the paperwork for getting my name and sex officially changed! Now I just wait.

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