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My life as an empath

My life as an empath who can't shield:

Imagine you're in a crowded room that's very noisy, like a party, where people are talking and loud music is playing. It's loud and grates on the nerves. You can't escape it. Putting earplugs in muffles things a little but it never goes away. You can't really tune out, either. Best you can do is grit your teeth and tolerate it. You have to learn how to get to sleep with that noise always there. Worse, if you live with someone else, the volume doubles even when they're asleep, and you can't tell the difference between them being awake or asleep, because there is no difference you can discern between the two. You either learn to tolerate it or you go insane.

And then my roommate claims she can't sleep if I'm awake because she's a empath and can sense me being awake. And I'm like "welcome to my life. Suck it up, princess."

Like seriously, if I can sleep through the empathic equivalent of a never ending party, you can learn to sleep through me being awake. Especially since you've apparently been doing it for years and you're only just now complaining about it.

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