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Been having trouble thinking of magical potions for my Ravenstone world. Rules of magic there are different from Harry Potter, the closest they have to transfiguration is Transformation, which is actually just using magic to cause plants and animals to grow in certain ways. (Well I mean, there's also Atomic Alchemy, but that doesn't involve potions.) So a lot of the Harry Potter potions wouldn't translate to this world, and finding other sources for ideas is difficult. Also, I'm having a hard time thinking of potions beyond healing potions.

As a point that might assist you, in the Ravenstone world the class potions fall under is Alchemy, which is basically magical chemistry, in that it combines mundane chemistry with magic and magical potions, because the mages in the Ravenstone storyverse hide among the mundanes in plain sight, so they don't have the ignorance of science that Potterverse wizards and witches have.

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