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I've talked before about how my life has been a bit like a sitcom since my roomie moved in years ago. I'm a Pagan, she's a Christian. I'm introverted, she's extroverted. She likes the temperature warmer, I like it cooler. And I still smile about the time a Pagan and a Christian helped teach a Muslim woman how to turn the smoke detector off while she cooked. What we do have in common is good hearts, open minds, anarchism, a love of social justice, as well as depression, anxiety, and we're both autistic.

One last bit of context: Alex, the member of the Fayanora/Djao'Mor'Terra collective who is a Satanist.

Anyway, the small moment I wanted to post about, which required that context: Roommate is a Christian who loves black metal, while Alex the Satanist prefers organ music. Like this: "Summoning Satan" by Satanic Ceremony.

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