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Friends mostly! I still do a lot of public posts, but non-friends are screened by default.

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(Click the picture to get at least an idea of the meanings. Only "ingenuus memes" are defined there yet. That and the opposites of the others.)

Friends mostly. Mainly means there's a bunch of content friends-locked. Also, non-friends and anonymous posters are screened by default. If you are an ass in your comments, your comments will be deleted.

Comment to be added. And if you're an old friend getting a new LJ, let me know that information.

Friending must-knows:

1. I do not tolerate myself or my friends being made fun of for any reason. If I find you have done this, you will be unfriended and banned.

2. I NEVER do friend-culls. If you find you've been banned, it's either a mistake or for the above reason. If you believe it to be a mistake, let me know.

Also, there are three stages here:

1. There's an "Acquaintances" filter, for people I don't know very well. Not much more they get to see than public does, but some things. If you never see any friends-locked entries here, let me know. It seems I have to add people to the Acquaintances filter.

2. Friends - They see the most.

3. Multiplicity - Ask me about this one. It's got the most personal stuff of mine.

One last thing: Unless you're a friend, your comments to all posts will be screened.

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wtf_humans - Something in the world making it hard to have hope for humanity? Post it here!
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kohrain_vwon - Cast a prayer into the aether, or post prayer requests, regardless of your spiritual/religious path.
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Hello! This is where you can donate to my cyberfunded/crowdfunded creativity project, Ye Olde Goldyn Appyl Presse. Just specify which particular sub-project of the YOGAP project you wish to fund. Anything not specified will go to the general fund, to be used for any one of the sub-projects.

If I am pimping a project that is already done, I will tell you in the pimping post what project it is. :-)

Nota bene: This button doubles as my "emergency donate" button because I'm too lazy to go back and change it. Any donations not specified as going to a particular project will go to the YOGAP general fund.

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MFOHP chapter 10!

Harry Potter is a wizard, which surprises him. But Harry Potter is also a Multiple, which surprises everyone.

The Many Faces of Harry Potter, chapter 10 is out!

FanFiction.net version

"Archive of Our Own" version

BigCloset version

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Bernie > Hilary

If Hilary wins the nomination, I will be extremely pissed off, but I will grudgingly vote for her, because even a female anti-feminist, middle road, big-money bought and paid for, more of the same old shit, only pretending to support LGBT causes for votes, mildly racist, flip flopping, former Republican, Koch sucking "Democrat" is preferable to any of the Republicans, even if what I really want in office is a man who has supported civil rights for people of color and LGBT people consistently, risking his career over it, for the past 40 years; a man who has a 40+ year history of doing what is right even if it makes him unpopular, because fighting for the rights and welfare of his constituents is more important to him than votes, a man who does not accept money from wealthy donors hoping to get some kind of kickback for their investment; Bernie Sanders, in other words.

If you want to settle for more of the same old bullshit, where very little of any importance ever changes (and rarely for the good), where a spineless Democrat lets Republicans walk all over her because she and they are both getting their campaign money from the same 1% of people: the super wealthy, and therefore has the same masters they do (and unless you're a billionaire, that ain't you!), and therefore are not actually enemies of one another, but allies; if you want our first female President to be a woman who breaks through glass ceilings and repairs them behind her, thus blocking other women from following her, then vote Hilary Clinton.

But if you want someone who will fight tooth and nail, kicking and screaming, for your rights and for you to get paid a living wage (and the right to freedom of choice over your own body, for your right to vote, etc) even if it costs him future elections, a man who is beholden only to The People and doesn't accept Big Corporate Money, a man with 40 years of a feminist voting record, a man who actively listens to his constituents and seeks mutually beneficial solutions, who actually works to understand issues and to make his ideas be understood instead of just spewing forth meaningless sound bites and political hot words, vote Bernie Sanders in your local primaries, and again on Voting Day.

(And of course, if you want to slide back into Nazi Germany, vote Donald Trump. To slide back down to the bronze age, any of the other Republicans will do.)

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